What is Samsung's font for their logo

Samsung Logo Design - History and Development

What is the connection between the impressive Burdz Khalifa skyscraper, conquering Everest and rice noodles? It seems like there aren't any, but actually that's not entirely true. The ultra-successful company Samsung is that connection, so we're going to tell you about one of the most famous brands in the world and dive into the history of the Samsung logo.

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Logo meaning and origin

In today's world we know Samsung company as one of the largest electronics manufacturers, but originally, in 1983, the company had a vector for developing the food industry. The company supplied dried fish, rice and noodles to neighboring China and Manchuria, and since 1939 it has expanded its product range to include wine and rice vodka. What did the Samsung logo look like back then? It was a detailed black and white mark that resembled a postage stamp. Framed by white hieroglyphs, there was a circle on a black shield in which three stars shone, because the word itself (Samsung) is translated as "three stars". So what is the point of these stars? What is the meaning of the Samsung logo? Perhaps the owner of the company was referring to his three sons who would lead the company to a huge market, or maybe a success to follow. Whatever the case, the idea turned out to be fortunate and prophetic.

From pasta and fish to electronics and change

As time passed and the label had previously only crowned pasta packs, the company began to think about development in the middle of the 20th century. The first step in development was insurance and real estate, and then there was an interesting turn. World War II did not go off well for South Korea, and its government made a definite choice. The top 30 Korean companies have been given lower taxes and industry development funds. All branches of the economy were divided into 30 streams and each company received its own. As we know today, Samsung was in charge of the electronics and government money was not wasted.

And what's up with the simple noodle Samsung logo? There were also changes for this, because this symbol was intended to enrich the high-tech goods of the time. It was also necessary to deliver not only to neighboring countries, but to the whole world. It is for this reason that the evolution of the Samsung logo is taking place. From now on the company name will be written in English and the circle with three stars will move to the left. Overall, the logo seems cautious and relevant for the time, so that the rebranding can be described as successful. The logo remains black and white.

A symbolic change

The next change to a Samsung logo is more symbolic, because black and white televisions are outdated and are going out of fashion. In the 1980s, the whole world wants to watch color TV at home, and Samsung is poised to give the world just that. Therefore the logo cannot remain colorless, it has to be full of vivid colors. It was decided that the logo would be left to American investors, making it more modern.

Three stars continue to shine on the logo and last for a long time. It wasn't until 1993 that there were again changes. Since the world is changing extremely quickly, there is no longer any room for old ideas. To continue to be as successful in the market as it has been, Samsung needs to become an open and relevant global company. Important values ​​at the beginning of the 90s are the technological boom and modern innovations. The world is expanding its borders. Samsung's Korean employees are being deported to the west en masse, and the west is coming to the east. It's time to drastically change the logo.

The logo as we know it

It is this variant of the Samsung logo that is known worldwide. The blue oval with white letters appears. What is the meaning of the new Samsung logo?

The three stars have disappeared, but the connection to space remains as the oval symbolizes the shape of our universe. Please note that the upper part of the letter “S” is designed as if it were extending into space, and the same is true for the lower part of the “G”. The designers made a conscious decision to take this step, because Samsung symbolizes this as something that is open to the whole world, for everything new, for development and perfection. The calm, reliable and confident blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. According to the Samsung guide, a letter field does not have to be filled with white, it can be left transparent in front of any light background.

In the beginning, the oval was accompanied by a blue “electronics” sign at the bottom, but when the course of general logo simplification was taken, it did not last long. Even the oval itself sometimes disappears, as the lettering is so familiar that it can do without it.

The logo's success is evidenced by the fact that many small business owners follow the idea of ​​the oval and label it with their own names in hopes of replicating Samsung's success, but we know the logo must not be plagiarized, because this is hard work that requires attention and talent.

As for the subject we broached at the beginning of this article, you now know that rice noodles were the first to bear the Samsung logo! And Everest, in turn, helped the company demonstrate its production quality. A British mountaineer took the Galaxy S II with him and proved that a smartphone can receive signals under extreme conditions. It was a huge success as the smartphone worked normally at an altitude of 8850 meters above sea level! As for the most famous skyscraper in Dubai, the South Korean company "Samsung Engineering and Construction" was entrusted with the construction of the building. The company is once again proving its motto - Samsung is always ready to go beyond the limit and achieve something completely new!

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