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ZDFzeit documentary over 70 years of the Basic Law: The best constitution in the world?

Actually, the reunified Germany should have given itself a new constitution of its own long ago. The Basic Law has many admirers, but there is also increasing criticism, as the new ZDF documentary shows.

ZDFzeit: 70 years of the Basic Law - the best constitution in the world?
Documentation • May 28th, 2019 • 8:15 pm

As is well known, nothing lasts as long as a temporary solution. The same can certainly be said of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The work, which was written in 1949 after the horrors of the Nazi era and was initially issued with a validity until the entire German people would adopt a new constitution "in freedom and unity", as it was called at the time, has survived to this day.

In fact, not only the founders of the new state were proud of the particularly clear legal text. The Basic Law continued to have many admirers, so that it continued to apply in 1990 after reunification. A new constitution for the whole of Germany has never been commissioned.

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The documentary "ZDFzeit: 70 Years of the Basic Law - The Best Constitution in the World?" looks back on seven decades with the supposed work of embarrassment. But it also raises the question, which is currently being discussed again and again, as to whether the collection of legal texts, which has now aged gracefully, should not urgently be modernized.

Source: teleschau - the media service