What is most of the money you borrowed

Loaned money? This is how you oblige friends to pay

Alternatives to the lawyer

If you are in possession of a legal title such as an enforcement order, there is the option of having your undisputed claim collected by service providers.

I debt collection

If you sell your claim to a debt collection agency, you can get back around 30% of the privately loaned money. That's because a debt collection agency high fees and you will therefore receive a fraction of your claim.

II factoring

In factoring, private individuals sell outstanding receivables to a factor who takes on the risk of default. You receive within 2 days 80 to 90% of the privately loaned money minus factoring fees back.

These costs cannot be precisely quantified because they depend on various factors. In addition to the sum of the money borrowed from a friend and not paid back and his creditworthiness, incalculable risks also have an influence on the fees. Because as soon as the factor bears a higher risk of payment default, the costs also rise.


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3. This is how you lend money in a legally secure manner

To avoid tedious Disputes, statute of limitations on the claim or loss of the loan To protect yourself, you can draw up a short loan agreement before lending out privately.

Tip: only lend money with a contract

Pay z. B. a friend or acquaintance (= debtor) does not return your loaned money on time, can with a written loan agreement Clear evidence of your payment entitlement.

Details of the loan in the contract:

  • Name & address of the acquaintance as borrower or debtor
  • Your name & address as the lender or creditor
  • Amount of money (loan)
  • Date of transfer or transfer
  • Payment date, payment deadline, installment agreement
  • If necessary, agreement on interest rate or interest-free
  • Original signatures of the contracting parties

React in case of delay

If you don't get your loaned money back on time, your debtor is with his Late payment. This entitles you to:

  • to collect the outstanding debts out of court,
  • To demand 5% interest on arrears in addition to the loaned amount,
  • to commission a specialized lawyer with the collection,
  • to apply for a court order for payment,
  • to sell the claim to debt collection or factoring or
  • to sue for the loaned money.


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