What is your comic book reading strategy

Digital reading

In order to arouse reading pleasure and interest, the possibilities of digital learning should also be used in the classroom.

Teachers often ask themselves which offers from the Internet are appealing in terms of content and appropriate for use in the classroom. Due to the variety and the rapidly changing offer, we have put together some information here that particularly supports the concept of promoting reading with "Reading makes you strong".



"Reading makes you strong" - offers

Reading texts 2019
"Reading makes you strong" - reading texts and additional offers on the Internet. Arranged according to the thematic focus of the reading folders.



Digital reading with the "Reading makes you strong" student portal
Selected reading links to the pictograms in the reading folder. In addition, schoolchildren will find work assignments here for text research and for practicing reading strategies.



Teacher Online German
Lesson ideas and link collections


Easy-to-read texts for children and young people


Bright head

Short messages from Cosmo-Media, suitable for grades 5-7


German XXL - Deutsche Welle

Didactic articles on current topics, Deutsche Welle. Suitable from grade 6.


Bear leaf
Short messages suitable up to grade 7. Children's pages of the Westfalen-Zeitung.


SHZ children's news
Regional news for children and young people.


News easy
Current news in easy language, updated every Friday. An offer from the Rodiosender Deutschlandfunk.


Apoll newspaper
The Apoll Zeitung is an easy-to-read newspaper for functionally illiterate people. It appears every two weeks and presents current topics in compact texts on two PDF pages. The ideal addition to a reading card index. An I want to learn German offer from the VHS.


a³ Quick Read range

The quick-read texts deal with youth-oriented topics and contain activating and action-oriented suggested tasks in various degrees of difficulty as well as puzzles that motivate learning. The joint project "Developing Opportunities" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


HanisauLand (Federal Agency for Political Education)
The comic series with its adventures introduces children to the world of politics in a playful way. An internet portal for children aged 8 to 14 years.


The Andi project (NRW)
Young people can accompany the comic hero Andi and his clique on further experiences with extremism. An online comic series by the North Rhine-Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution.


Interactive reading texts

Reading marks
The reading texts contain tasks that must be completed before a further section is displayed. Source: Office for Elementary Schools, Frauenfeld.

Ollo's world
In the form of a diary, the eccentric Ollo reports on his everyday life with his little sister. Source: brilliant daughters


Hanisauland - comic
After a great war, rabbits, hippos and wild boars come together to inhabit one country - HanisauLand. Source: Federal Agency for Civic Education.


Reading quiz portals


Antolin is a paid portal for promoting reading from first to tenth grade. Students read a book and then answer interactive quiz questions about the content. Edited by Schroedel Verlag.


Reading quiz
The free "Reading Quiz" website is managed by the Swiss headquarters for class reading. As with the providers Lepion and Antolin, the pupils read a book about which questions are then answered online.


The Lepion
On U. Dreisbach's private website, books and audio plays / books are presented, to which readers can answer content-related questions in the form of a small quiz. They receive points for this and can have certificates printed out when they reach a certain number of points. Registration is free.