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The marketing system as an all-in-one solution

Marketing is in the DNA of every entrepreneur. There is no business without marketing. Since that is so, the really important question is: How do I get more out of my existing marketing? A marketing system can help you to benefit in multiple ways.


A single clear, comprehensive marketing system for your digital presence

Time and money are two of the parameters that the COCO marketing system can change to your advantage. Do your online marketing with less effort. In return, you create more freedom for other activities that have a positive effect on your sales. The COCO Marketing System provides you with a unique tool for this. This allows you to control your entire digital presence, such as your website and your social media channels, with just a few clicks. Because that's what a marketing system does by definition.


What can the COCO marketing system do?

At the moment you are most likely controlling each of your digital channels and your online communication on different platforms. The problem: every single platform has its own requirements. It starts with logging in and remembering passwords and ends with technical requirements. The latter are required, for example, when booking social media advertising and Google Ads. The COCO Marketing System can bundle these many activities into one channel.


The software has the following functions:

  • Create a homepage with a website builder
  • Blogging with your own blog builder
  • Create newsletters from the newsletter construction kit
  • Posting function for social media channels and social media ads
  • App construction kit for a tablet app
  • Google My Business management
  • Direct booking from Google Ads is possible
  • Construction kit for digital info screens at the POS or POI
  • Shop for digital products
  • Access to license-free images and professional texts and content for your digital communication


With the COCO Marketing System you build your digital communication either from scratch. Or you can simplify your existing online communication afterwards with your COCO Marketing System. Seldom has a professional website been so easy to implement as with this easy-to-use and clear marketing management system.


Who is the COCO Marketing System suitable for?

The good news first: You have come to the right place. Because the COCO Marketing System is not linked to certain industries or company sizes. On the contrary. No matter whether you have wishes for a mobile marketing system, a content marketing system or just need help with website construction. The marketing system COCO supports you comprehensively, but still clearly.


Our customers include:

  • doctors
  • pharmacist
  • Craftsman
  • lawyers
  • Restaurateurs
  • Hotel industry
  • Retailers
  • Start-ups
  • Medium-sized companies
  • societies


For what purposes do customers use the COCO Marketing System?

The possible uses of COCO are extensive. In addition to building a website or simply redesigning the homepage, creating a newsletter or creating an app, there is more. This makes the marketing system ideal for personal branding. COCO can help you make your brand better known. This not only helps you find new customers, but also paves the way for new, qualified employees.


Five advantages that the COCO Marketing System offers you

Design your future Marketing System Management with COCO to stand out from your competition. Rely on five advantages that you will hardly find on the market:


1. No previous technical knowledge required

Many content management systems (CMS) are not easy and intuitive to use. COCO is structured in such a way that you can quickly find your way around without any prior technical knowledge. Thanks to the easy-to-manage system, you can concentrate fully on improving your content. If necessary, the COCO team will help you set up the system for the first time.


2. Simplified booking of online advertising such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Booking online advertising is also structured intuitively. With a simple interface, you will quickly understand how to share your website content on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.


3. Central further development of your digital presence

All of your digital channels can be developed centrally and individually from the user interface of the marketing system. This also applies to the now relatively complex data protection. Our marketing system is based on a stable structure that is adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


4. Comprehensive, German-speaking support

Our German-speaking support will help you with all your questions. You can reach them not only by email, but also by phone.


5. Convincing price-performance ratio

At the beginning of this text you were promised not only saved time, but also more for your money. You can use the comprehensive COCO Marketing System from Germany after an extensive test phase from a low three-digit amount per month. Depending on your requirements, we can also provide you with trained editors for your content and advertising professionals. They create your texts and take care of booking your social media advertising and Google Ads.


It is now up to you to improve your digital communication and present your content from a single source. The step to even more professional work on the web is a small one. You just have to dare to put the COCO Marketing System through its paces.