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Everything boys always wanted to know about football and the European Championship:
• Who wore the most unusual football shirt of all time?
• What were the most creative celebrations?
• Why are most Brazilian football professionals known only by their nicknames?
Incredible facts and hilarious illustrations - perfect read for real football fans!

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Tooooooor! This is probably the most famous goal celebration in the world. But there are also completely different - crazier - ways to celebrate a goal. A player was so excited about a goal that he took off his pants, sat on his head and then ran through the stadium cheering. (Unfortunately, his dance of joy ended with a red card for him.) In this book you will find unbelievable and crazy facts about football and the European Football Championship! Whether for the waiting time until kick-off, to bridge half-time or in the school yard. Did you already know, for example - that the La Ola wave shoots through the stadium at up to 12 meters per second? - that some football players earn a whopping 241 euros per minute? - or that even animals were very close to football matches? And not just bees or birds. No, in Canberra there was even a kangaroo walking around in the middle of the field. Unfortunately, it was driven out of the stadium by those responsible before it could score a goal.
Pascal Nöldner, born 1990 in Essen, is a freelance illustrator of comics, books for children and young people and illustrator of animated films. In 2015 he finished his design studies with a focus on illustration at the Münster University of Applied Sciences. In addition to his creative work, he is a freelance actor and musician.
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