Printer ink cartridges are a scam

Scam: Printer manufacturers cheat on ink cartridges

Printers were some of the most hated devices in the IT world. Paper jams, illegible printouts and then the high cost of ink. YouTuber Gregory Austin McConnell specifically tackles the last point and lands a viral hit with it.

Hardly noticeable improvements

His current video "Ink cartridges are fraud" has already generated over 300,000 views within just one day. This is not just a twelve-minute anger video of guesswork and conspiracy theories. McConnell claims to have previously worked as tech support in the call center. There he could see the manufacturing prices for various products. A classic four-pack for a color inkjet printer cost 23 cents to produce. It sold for $ 59.95.

He is particularly annoyed that printer manufacturers claim that the high costs are caused by the technology behind it. He argues that this could not be true because HP claims to be investing a billion US dollars annually in ink development, but there is hardly any noticeable improvement.

This is how they cheat

In the further course of the video, he explains the tricks printer manufacturers use to get users to replace the cartridges more often. This includes that the printer no longer prints when a cartridge is empty, although this color is not needed at all and that the chip in the cartridge sends a false "empty signal" to the printer, although there is still ink.

He also states that the manufacturers deliberately prevent the cartridges from being refilled and that printers also use the color cyan, although only black and white is printed. Finally, he argues that the actual amount of ink in the cartridges is decreasing from year to year, but the prices remain the same. As a therapeutic measure, a printer is then worked on with a sledgehammer.