Where should I look for proofreading

Professional proofreading

Finding Freelance Proofreading:


Under the name Proofreading everyone probably just imagines that it is a pure one Cross reading acts in which spelling, orthography and grammar one thorough control be subjected.

It is not always assumed that professional proofreading will work with the correction is commissioned, but many people think that proofreading can also be done by an employee of their own company or another person responsible for creating the text.

But this is really not recommended.

People who already know the content of a text are quick to read mistakes, so the author is out of the question as a corrector.

In any case, professional proofreading is the best alternative to proofreading.

Sure, the text is checked for its linguistic quality. The spelling and punctuation as well as the format and style are checked.

Some authors and Copywriter write a text incorrectly in terms of style, you might not even notice this yourself, but a reader might be irritated.

The Proofreading knows exactly what is important in the text and is able to assess whether the desired target group could actually be addressed with the text.

The format issues are also clarified. Formatting errors creep in all too easily, especially with longer texts, so that, for example, sub-headings are formatted differently or individual text passages are not written in the desired justification but, for example, left-justified.

Recognizing all of this requires a trained eye and knowledge of the linguistic, structural and content requirements of a text.

Most proofreaders include their suggested changes in a copy of the original text, so that in the end their client has the choice of whether or not to accept them.