How was your AIITS 6 2019

CSD & City Festival 2019: We were there!

Berlin CSD 2019

50 years of Stonewall - Every insurrection begins with your voice

On July 27th we took to the streets at the Berlin CSD to demand a general end to discrimination and exclusion.

No further stigma must be attached to HIV. HIV-positive people under successful therapy can no longer pass HIV on. Fear of HIV-positive people is completely out of place - both in everyday life and at work. The therapy provides protection during sex, so that sex without a condom is also possible! If you are not afraid of discrimination or exclusion, you can relax and have a regular check-up for HIV and sexually transmitted infections. This is how we can end AIDS together and successfully!

These were just some of our messages at the CSD for living with HIV today!

Thanks to the great sponsorship of, 20,000 condoms with lubricant were distributed along the route. So that even after the party the fun could flow and continue safely!

Here you can read about the requirements in detail

Our booth at the lesbian and gay city festival

We owe our booth at this year's gay and lesbian city festival to you and all of our visitors to be so successful. Our educational game with sex dolls was not only an eye-catcher but also led to a lot of intensive conversations: what is PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), how does protection work through therapy, what are the transmission possibilities of HIV and which methods protect against it, how can one protect oneself protect against sexually transmitted infections, ...?


Visit of the board of trustees at our booth

On Saturday we received numerous visits from our board of trustees. They diligently distributed condoms and red cloth bows and provided information about the work of the Berlin AIDS relief organization. Thank you very much for your support!

Donation handover

At the Stadfest, B2Aktion + gave us 1,200 euros from the sale of our Soliteddies. We are very happy about this commitment and wish all new bear owners a lot of fun with their little helper!

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