Which is the top ten job of all time

These are the 10 best resignations of all time

You want to quit your job, but you don't yet know how to best communicate your resignation? Then maybe we can inspire you a little with the best resignations of all time, which we present within our weekly ranking.

If you are dissatisfied, you should quit. Because no job in the world is worth permanently stressing yourself or burdening yourself with constant negative emotions because of this activity. In the worst case, you can even face serious illnesses such as burnout.

But of course it's easy to think about quitting. However, if you really want to end your employment relationship, it will cost you a lot of effort.

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Best terminations: 10 memorable departures

One innovative approach to making the goodbye process easier is to write a new chapter in the book called "Best Quits" Ever. In other words: a creative or even epic finish makes it easier for you to say goodbye and at the same time leaves a lasting impression.

And who knows: Perhaps you have convinced your HR manager with your resignation that he will try to recruit you again in the future. In the weekly ranking today we have put together a few memorable terminations for you. Get inspired.

Place 10: Program your termination

Super Mario fans watch out, this termination makes gamer hearts beat faster. The employee quit his job without further ado with his own version of Super Mario.

Place 10: Program your termination. (Photo: Screenshot / farbs.org)

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