Are spells against God

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Sorcery is understood to mean practices and methods to influence events, people or objects in a supernatural way. Often the name of a god or demon was invoked for this purpose. One also speaks of magic, which is divided into "black magic" (spell to harm someone) and "white magic" (spell to protect someone) depending on the purpose.

In Old Testament times, attitudes toward sorcery are ambiguous. On the one hand, it was forbidden (Leviticus / Leviticus 19:26; Deuteronomy / Deuteronomy 18: 9-14) because it contradicted God's claim to be Lord of the world alone. On the other hand, numerous magic practices are reported in the Old Testament: use of magic wands (Exodus / Exodus 9:23: the stick of Moses); Customs to ward off demons as well as curse and blessing (Numbers 22–24: Balaam).

In the New Testament there are several accounts of people practicing magic. The negative attitude of the Old Testament is retained (cf.Galatians 5: 19-21; Revelation 21: 8)

Acts 8: 9-11 tells of a magician named Simon who was very successful in Samaria. With the beginning of the Christian mission through Philip, he became less popular and was baptized. His attempt to buy a share of the apostles' commission is rejected in Acts 8: 18-25. In Acts 13: 6-12 there is an account of a magician Elysmas / Barjesus who appears as an opponent of Paul and Barnabas.

Magic practices are most clearly tangible in Acts 19: 13-17, where attempted expulsion of demons by Jewish magicians is reported: They use the name of Jesus as a magical formula. As a punishment for this abuse, they are beaten up by the possessed. As a result, according to Acts 19: 18-19, many people who had practiced magical practices destroyed their magic books.

In biblical times the name stands for the bearer of the name himself. Whoever acts in the name of someone is not only acting on his behalf or with his authority. Rather, it is through him that the client acts himself.
An evil force imagined as a person. She fights against God and takes a person completely into possession.
Outstanding leader of the people of Israel in the Old Testament.
Special devotion from God to his creatures, through which he gives them strength, life and well-being.
Baptism literally means "to immerse in water". The plot symbolizes the washing off of guilt.
Literally "emissary". Someone who is sent to an addressee with a specific order.
Members of the community of faith in which the biblical people of Israel continue.
Greek form of the Hebrew name Yeshua.