How expensive is vintage clothing in general?

Clearing out closets and making money: this is how Vinted works

The Second-hand cosmos is huge and versatile. No wonder that more and more fashion lovers are relying on online platforms when it comes to buying and selling fashion and accessories. At Vinted no second-hand fan can come by right now: the fashion platform is the latest development from Kleiderkreisel, which has teamed up with Mamikreisel to form the largest second-hand platform in twelve countries. You want to know what Vinted has to offer and how can you really earn money with it? We have all the tips you need.

Sell, buy or swap - anything goes at Vinted. Thousands of items of clothing, shoes and accessories find a new owner here every day. And this is how it works:

Selling clothes on Vinted

Who on Vinted Fashion or accessories how wants to sell bags and shoes, must first register as a seller and create a member profile. You can then add items to the catalog for free by writing a short description, taking a few meaningful photos of the item and carrying it, and naming your desired price. If the item is sold, the customer pays for shipping. The transaction is insured via Vinted even if you pay by credit card, direct transfer or PayPal.

Swap clothes for Vinted

Offers as an alternative to selling Vinted also the possibility to swap clothes with other members. In principle, the whole thing works like sales: items of clothing are described and photographed and then placed on the platform.

Buy clothes on Vinted

The process works like this: You register as a member and create your profile. You can then find and shop for fashion and accessories via the feed or the catalog search. If you have any questions for the seller, you can write to him, but there is also the option of buying the item directly ("Buy" button) or negotiating the price ("Negotiating" button). Once the item has been purchased, payment is made by direct transfer, PayPal or credit card.

Vinted and Corona: How hygienic is it to buy second-hand clothing during the corona pandemic?

According to the consumer center, buyers of second-hand clothing do not have to worry about being infected with the coronavirus: "Researchers are currently ruling out the transmission of viruses through used clothing. The experts assume that viruses do not adhere well to tissue ", it says on the website. The following hygiene rule must nevertheless be observed (even after Corona): Second-hand goods should always be washed as hot as possible after purchase, depending on the material. Accessories such as watches or jewelry should be cleaned with disinfectant spray.

We have put together the best tips on washing clothes for you here.

Reviews on Vinted

Both sellers and buyers can leave reviews on Vinted. The more reviews you have (positive, of course!), The better business is going - the platform is all about trust.

The Vinted Community

All registered Vinted users can exchange personal information in the members' forum - here you will find, among other things, many helpful tips and information about the platform, but also on topics such as love, relationships, recipes and Co.

Vinted: Sell the right way - this is how it works!

Selling clothes that one no longer wears or successfully selling wrong fashion purchases online and making money with it - which shopaholic doesn't dream of it ?! Vinted top seller Miriam, alias "XXMN", earns over 6,000 euros a year on the popular online second-hand platform and has exclusively revealed her 12 best vintage tips to GLAMOR:

1. The right offer

"In my Vinted catalog you will mainly find vintage fashion and special items from the 90s. I like to browse flea markets and second-hand shops, look for and select special items with a story that are no longer sold in the store. "

2. Popular brands

"At the moment, vintage mom jeans and the classic 501 from Levi's are particularly popular."

3. The right clothes

"Vintage leather blousons work great for me. Pieces with stripes, floral prints and pastel colors also do particularly well in spring."

4. The perfect timing

"Winter jackets in summer and dresses in winter? No. Your own catalog should adapt to the seasons."

5. Good article pictures

"Good photos are the be-all and end-all for sales success. The item of clothing must be reproduced true to the original - color, material and cut should be as easy to recognize as possible. That's why I take detailed pictures of each part on the hanger and one or two photos when it is worn."

6. Cool carrying photos

"I combine my clothes so that you can imagine an overall look. Some girls like to be inspired and then buy a complete style in a package."

7. Meaningful descriptions

"I describe the garment in as much detail as possible: condition, material, fit, size and special properties. For orientation, I give my body size and clothing size. Hashtags increase the reach at Vinted."

8. A reasonable price

"The price is basically based on the condition of the article and the material composition and should never be set too high."

9. Good communication

"The exchange with potential buyers is very important - there are often really nice contacts with other members. I am also happy to advise, answer questions and give styling tips."

10. Packaging and shipping

"I pack my clothes with great attention to detail. Everyone can look forward to a nice package with a personal, handmade message and a little gift."

11. That certain something

"The presentation of the garment, a friendly exchange and nice communication are just as important at Vinted as the loving packaging and timely dispatch of the parcel. Show your personality by styling and combining."

12. No-gos when selling

"Holes, stains, items of clothing in bad condition, incorrect information about the article and late shipping are not possible - and in the worst case, word spreads in the community."

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