What back exercises has Mike Tyson done

What kind of muscle training did Mike Tyson do?

From what I've gathered in various interviews, it looked a bit like that. He would have huge peaks as he prepared for a major battle. This is what he is Every day did, his average exercise time was 55 hours per week.

  • Run 4 miles.
  • Go 10 miles.
  • > 2,000 (decrease) sit-ups.
  • > 500 pushups.
  • > 500 shrugs with a 30 kg barbell

He ran off, had breakfast and fell asleep again. Then he spent the rest of the day doing weight training, sparring, pocket work, and eating.

Most of Tyson's training was done by Cus D'Amato, and you can read more about the training plans he had for his fighters.


This is actually a pretty stupid training regime that deviates from today's standards.


@Ellocomotive Could you please say why?


Has almost zero Zilch Nada to do with boxing. Shrugs don't mean boxing. I can't see how they would. The times are way too long, unbelievable. No compound movements. No way to load the movements with force. Strong confidence in volume over intensity. No consideration for balance or movement. Too much to go into, but this is not how you should exercise.


They hold a static contraction in the traps for most of the entire boxing match. and when you don't have a better way to strengthen traps, shrugging seems like a pretty solid boxing exercise.


I've seen him do barbell squats and other machine exercises too. There are some videos on Youtube that you can actually watch. It doesn't seem like the right style of training by today's standards, but it still worked.