What foods will heighten your spiritual awakening?

Spiritual nutrition

Spiritual nutrition

The thesis of spiritual nutrition assumes that our mind is negatively influenced by the intake of "bad" or unsuitable foods. It is therefore recommended to eat a simple, fresh, natural vegetarian diet. This gives the mind clarity, calm and steadiness and makes you fit. "The mind eats too" is an essential principle and is consistently implemented. Animal products such as meat are therefore excluded as they are too negative for the mind.

Spiritual nutrition, what is allowed?

The foods that can be consumed include wheat, barley, rice, green peas, soy, milk, butter, vegetables and easily digestible fruits. The amount of food should not be too large or too small. The food should not be constipating and should not leave you feeling heavy or uncomfortable. When it comes to eating, it is also about feeling good afterwards and avoiding a feeling of fullness.


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