Who found whey protein


Biological value: 100

Egg protein has long been considered the ultimate in competitive bodybuilding. This reputation can on the one hand be attributed to a high biological value of 100 (if the basis is a whole egg protein), but on the other hand it can also be attributed to the fact that egg proteins do not store water under the skin, which is often the case with milk proteins for sensitive athletes is. However, since the introduction of the whey protein isolate, it has lost its importance, as a virtually lactose-free alternative has been found with the isolated whey protein.

The digestion speed of egg protein is roughly between lactalbumin and casein. However, the content of essential amino acids is only comparable to that of whey protein if it is a concentrate made from whole egg and not just from the protein of the egg white. This should be taken into account when buying an egg protein. You can check this via the list of ingredients or, if necessary, the indication of the biological value on the label. If this is given as less than 100, it is usually a pure egg white protein. But even this is by no means to be regarded as inferior, because with a biological value of 88 the protein is qualitatively significantly higher than that of pure casein.

For people who are lactose intolerant, egg protein made from whole eggs or egg white is a very good alternative that is as high in quality as milk protein. Competitive bodybuilders who want to be sure that no water is stored and therefore want to forego milk proteins and lactalbumin isolate can rely on egg proteins during the immediate preparation for a competition.

Whether and how much protein needs to be supplemented depends on the general protein content of the daily diet.


Egg proteins are no longer produced to the same extent as they were a few years ago as whey protein has grown in popularity. These are not infrequently today even significantly cheaper than egg proteins and have a more pleasant taste. For people with lactose or milk protein intolerance, however, egg protein in concentrate form is the highest quality alternative solution.


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