Can I have brown rice for dinner?

Potatoes vs. rice in the diet

Rice and potatoes, usually taboo on a lower carb diet. But is that really true? Or is there a possibility how you can get carbohydrates in a diet?

Rice vs. Potatoes in the Lower Carb Diet

If you want to lose weight with the so-called lower carb diet, you reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your daily diet. However, "lower" carb does not mean "no" carb: You should continue to consume a small amount of the energy donors - but only the good ones, of course. This undoubtedly includes both rice and potatoes. However, whoever wins the race will prevail thanks to other qualities than the pure carb content.

The difference between the two carbohydrate suppliers

Basically, both rice and potatoes are healthy sources of energy-giving carbohydrates and both should be included in a varied lower carb diet. In addition to the taste, the two opponents differ considerably, especially in the nutritional content. Here are the ingredients of whole grain rice and potatoes at a glance - in advance: Rice is not just rice. With whole grain or "brown rice" you choose the healthier option. Better to avoid peeled white rice in your diet. The calories listed refer to 100g of cooked rice - the weight after cooking. 100g of rice grains contain significantly more calories.

Nutritional values ​​on 100gWhole grain ricePotatoes (without peel)
energy155 kcal86kcal

With these values, the potato is clearly ahead. It contains around half the carbohydrates compared to cooked whole grain rice. Their calorie content is a real argument with a low 86kcal compared to 155kcal. On the other hand, the rice holds a little more protein, which is known to be essential for healthy muscle building and fat burning. In the lower carb diet, however, you get enough protein from fish, meat and vegetables, so that the rice does not score with it. With regard to the glycemic index, both are almost the same in cooked form with values ​​between 50 and 70. You can even improve the glyx of potatoes by consuming them with a little salt. Both foods also provide important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium as well as high amounts of vitamins B and C.

And the winner is: 2-0 for the potato

As you can see, you should incorporate both sources of carbohydrates into your diet. Variety is crucial to getting your body all the nutrients it needs. However, you may prefer the potato. It contains significantly fewer calories and carbohydrates and thus suits your diet. Nevertheless, it provides you with energy and numerous vital substances. However, the powerful tuber has another secret weapon: In contrast to rice, it is one of the alkaline-forming foods, while brown rice is metabolized slightly acidic. However, a balanced acid-base balance has numerous advantages for your weight loss goals. Your entire metabolism works better when the body is in balance. In addition, you are more efficient for sporting activities. With these two advantages, the potato beats rice, which nonetheless remains a valuable food. But always pay attention to the preparation: Finished French fries, fried potatoes or mashed potatoes can have completely different values ​​than boiled potatoes that are boiled with low calories.

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