How to build a cedar box

Why do people use a cedar box?

A traditional purpose of a cedar chest was to give a young woman a place to store belongings that would one day be part of her married life; It was called a hopeful chest. Cedar chests also once were traditional gifts for a newly married couple. These chests are primarily used for storage and are preferred for certain reasons.


A traditional cedar breast is typically 3 to 5 feet long, about 15 to 28 inches high, and about 15 to 42 inches wide. It usually has a hinged lid. Some cedar boxes sit right on the floor while others have sturdy legs.


Cedar chests are sometimes made of a different wood on the outside, but are lined with cedar wood. Cedar is a preferred wood for storage because it repels insects and fungi and has a fresh, aromatic scent. It is especially beneficial for storing textiles, including heirlooms.


Since cedar boxes are attractive and sturdy, they are twice as good as furniture. Cedar chests most commonly are placed at the foot of a bed to be used as a bench. A cedar box also gives the living room a charm as a coffee table or plant area, as long as its surface is protected.


In the past, people used cedar boxes as luggage when moving from one part of the country to another. Because early houses had no closets, the cedar box functioned as an additional cloakroom or laundry room.


Cedar boxes can be found in furniture stores and are also sold by woodworkers. Vintage cedar chests can be found in antique stores and auctions.