Is the MiG 31 the fastest jet

These are the 10 fastest airplanes in the world

The potency of jets triggers a tingling sensation in many people. They are incredibly fast, contain sophisticated technology, are national prestige object of the superpowers. The USA and Russia in particular have the fastest planes.

These aircraft are often jet aircraft that, thanks to the Use of jet engines to chase through the air by recoil propulsion. In colloquial terms, jet aircraft are also called jet aircraft, jet planes or jets for short.

We provide you the absolute speed record holders in front. However, only aircraft that with turbo jets or turbo fans are equipped. Aircraft with rocket engines like the North American X-15 are not used. The Bell X-2 Starbuster is neglected for the same reason.

1. Mikoyan Je-152 / Je-166 - 3030km / h

With the harmless sounding code name "Flipper", this jet is made from the Ever-152 series led by NATO. It is based on the MiG-21. His area of ​​application with Soviet pilots: Interceptors for high-flying bomber formations.

A Je-152 crossed the air for the first time in July 1959, equipped with R11F engines. Later, however, they were replaced by a Tumanski R15B-300 that was almost twice as powerful. This gave "Flipper" a thrust of over 100 kN. Its top speed was 3030 km / h.

Originally, the Soviet Union planned to mass-produce the Je-152. But the R15 engine kept causing problemsuntil they finally spoke out against mass production. The basic plans for the aircraft were sold to China.

2. General Dynamics F-111F

This fighter jet shot through the sky with a top speed of 2655 km / h: the F-111. And even if it was called "Erdferkel" ("Aardvark") by pilots, the F-111 was characterized by exceptional performance. It was not for nothing that it was the first fighter aircraft to be mass-produced with swivel wings.

The fighter-bomber also had the potential to function as a strategic bomber in the FB-111 version. Then there were those Fliers side by side in a tandem cockpit.

An aardvark took off for the first time in December 1964 to be in service three years later US Air Force deserve to do. Only those Royal Australian Air Force was approved as an export customer for the F-111.

3. North American XB-70 Valkyrie

When the white giant took off for the first time in 1964, he made sure plenty of background noise. Because with six 137.9 kN engines this bomber was probably the loudest non-rocket-powered aircraft ever.

The XB-70 with the meaningful name "Valkyrie" had no less task than to demonstrate that the production of a Mach 3-fast atomic bomber was basically to be done. Series production was planned, but In the end, only two test vehicles were implemented. Test flights showed that the resulting frictional heat is around 330 degrees Celsius. Too hot for the paint, which decomposed in so much heat.

Tragic: During a photo flight, the "Valkyrie" got out of control and crashed. The pilot and copilot were killed.

4. Sukhoi Su-27

2496 km / h fast and extremely agile - that is the Su-27. It is the origin of the Flanker family. The Sukhoi Su-27 is one Russian air superiority fightsr, which should form the counterpart to the American F-15 Eagle.

To this day, this fighter is considered one of the most important of the Russian armed forces. Its prototype rose for the first time in May 1977. In the mid-80s, the Su-27 actually went into service after various improvements.

Other models were later created, such as the Su-30, Su-33 and Su-35. Either in Russia as well as elsewhere the Su-27 family is very much valued. Over 1000 aircraft are in use around the world.

5. Mikoyan MiG-31

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 is an interceptor that reaches a top speed of 3 thousand km / h. The aircraft, which was developed in the Soviet Union from 1967 onwards on the basis of the MiG-25, bears the NATO code name "Foxhound".

The MiG-31's maiden flight was in September 1975. It was officially deployed in 1983. Your task: It can attack enemy targets from a great distance. To serve its purpose, it has an excellent radar system. The Zaslon on-board radar was built especially for the MiG-31, the latest version of which can be 24 destinations at the same time can track.

So far, only this interceptor in the world has been equipped with such a radar system.

6. Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III

Chance Vought Aircraft manufactured this aircraft with a top speed of 2576 km / h. From the start, the Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III competed with the McDonnell F-4 Phantom II.

Chief Engineer John Russel Clark was responsible for the construction of the Crusader III. When it came to testing the interceptor's strength, the results were disappointing. The Crusader III was well below their expectations in terms of speed. After all, it was designed up to Mach 3, but only managed Mach 2.39. When the Phantom II finally won the race, it became a Further development of the Cursader III abandoned.

Despite the setback, the F8U-3 is not considered the inferior aircraft. The other model just corresponded more closely to the criteria we were looking for.

7. Mikoyan Je-155 M

In the 1970s, the Je-155M triumphed for the first time with its astonishing speed. That is at the top at no less than 3465 km / h. That made up for the slowness she showed in cornering battles. Overall were 4 test aircraft produced - with a total thrust of almost 265 kN.

The special thing is that the variant of the MiG-25 flies with a Tumanski engine. And this engine is clearly superior in power than the previous models.

The Je-155M was used for the last time in April 1977. Then it was used on the Chodynkafeld, a former airport runway parked near Moscow. The former hunter is now in a private museum near Medyn.

8. Boeing F-15 Eagle

The F-15 is one of the most critical combat aircraft in the US Air Force. It has been in use for almost 50 years and there is no pension in sight for the next 20 years.

The big plus of this jet is its enormous maneuverability despite its massive appearance. That's how it fits Name F-15 Eagle, in German "Adler", indeed excellent. From its top speed, the hunter is 2665 km / h. Its main task: the eagle became Ensuring air superiority developed.

McDonnell Douglas was responsible for the construction of the fighter aircraft. To McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing among the largest manufacturers of aircraft worldwide.

9. McDonnell XF4H-1 Phantom

What could be more convincing than to shine with records. And so it was also the early goal of the US Navy to focus on its new flagship through extraordinary achievements. The prototype shot through the air at around 2600 km / h.

And indeed The Phantom set 16 world records for itself. Some of these lasted until the mid-1970s. It was and is also very popular with the pilots who flew the Phantom.

Convinced of the performance of the F-4 Phantom, many versions were created. The F-4 has a total of 5195 aircraft, built for armed forces in many countries. Even today, models of the F-4 are used as active combat aircraft in Turkey, Greece and Iran.

10. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

We come to the fastest turbojet aircraft that has been built to date and still holds this top position: the Lockheed SR-71 Balckbird. The pilots Adolphus Bledsoe and Eldon Joersz have set various records with the Blackbird. And one of them was the world speed record. At an altitude of 24,000 meters and covering a distance of 16.1 kilometers, the SR-71 Blackbird reached a fascinating top speed of 3529 km / h.

Incidentally, the SR-71 is one Baby of the CIA. In the 1960s, the company placed the order for the twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft with Lockheed “Skunk Works”. From 1966 to 1998 it served the US Air Force.

The reconnaissance aircraft is equipped with J58 turbo jets that run on the flame-retardant JP7 fuel.