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Formula for success: what counts on the way up

Always stepping in the same place is boring at some point. Everyone wants to move forward, want to see how things improve. Success in love, life and work - how nice it would be if there was one for that Formula for success would be! There is no such thing in one way: there is no recipe that works for everyone because people are far too different. However, there are certain characteristics that unite all successful people on the way to the top. Taken together, a formula for success can be derived from this. What they are and how they will help you succeed ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What is a formula for success?

A formula for success could be imagined as follows: Ingredient 1 + Ingredient 2 = success. You will already guess that it is not that easy. Especially since it is difficult to clearly define what success is?

Appear in the minds of many successful top managers, for example people like from the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”, in which small start-ups come up with their ideas in front of investors. On the one hand, there are those who have come a long way professionally, who have considerable wealth at their disposal.

On the other hand, people who have exactly that in front of them and also with a (hopefully) brilliant idea rich and famous want to become. Here success is limited to a single goal in the work area. Such a narrow definition would, however, reduce the success of a person who, for example, was seriously injured as a result of an accident and who can walk on crutches independently for the first time after months of physiotherapy.

Both examples show that success comes when one Objective exists and commitment is shown. A formula for success could therefore be:

Goal + commitment = success.

But even that is still quite vague, because like that Use to look exactly depends largely on the situation. As a start-up, physiotherapy is of little use to me; as a patient, discussions with investors are of no use to me. So it depends on the right choice of remedy. This in turn requires knowledge of the appropriate resources and / or the necessary contacts.

Both alone lead nevertheless not necessarily to success: If the investors are not convinced, the knowledge of contacts is of no use. If the physiotherapy is badly done, the injuries are more protracted than hoped, the above formula for success does not apply.

Can a Success Formula Work?

In order for any type of success formula to work, certain ones must Framework conditions met be. And this is exactly where the crux of the matter lies: not all people have the same requirements. It already starts with the starting conditions: If the parents are well off, have they already followed similar paths, they can of course give their child basically different tips and assistance than if they do not have it.

Too general? Then specifically: The social mobility is nowhere near as big in Germany as we would like it to be. Discrimination is prohibited by the Basic Law and the Anti-Discrimination Act (AGG) is intended to protect employees in particular in professional life.

But structural and societal deep rooted disadvantage are not included. The parents have not studied, their income is rather modest, and often they cannot support the child financially if the child decides to study.

That not only leads to Working-class children study significantly less often (only 27 percent) than university graduates (79 percent), but their drop-out rate is also higher.

But even if the starting conditions are rosy or disadvantages government support If you are compensated for example in the form of student loans, the way up can be difficult.

The personal constitution plays a decisive role. This includes dealing constructively with crises through good resilience and a healthy state of health. Those who are on dialysis naturally have to expend many times more strength in order to cope with life compared to someone who has no health restrictions.

For this reason alone, a definition of success is very individual.

Success formulas in 7 words: The free eBook for career bible readers

Many books have been written about success. For a long time above all. Sometimes a single sentence is enough to get to the point. We were looking for exactly these sentences - and you sent them to us by email or comment. Numerous. Diversified. Instructive. Thanks!

Granted, some of the formulas have a touch of Chakka rhetoric and Motivational propaganda. Especially us Germans with our weakness for analyzing, theorizing and legitimizing seem suspicious of such condensed wisdom. We then think of the blah blah of a precocious coach at the national youth games or dubious popcorn prose.

On the other hand must Truths and wisdom don't be wrong just because they sound simple or a bit woodcut like. Just because it's a quintessence doesn't change its validity. It only saves a lot more time when reading and literally stimulates reflection.

And after you really give us so many pretty quintessentials and Formulas for success We couldn't do otherwise: We had to make an eBook out of it, which we can offer you for download here - free of charge, of course.

In the book we have only included sayings and quotations that no more than seven words and seem to represent a personal wisdom of success and are not just an arbitrary calendar saying. That is completely subjective. But that's the way it is with an editorial selection - it wasn't a competition either.

Spontaneously took care of the graphic implementation Philip René Braches who did this on a voluntary basis - also because he found the idea so beautiful. For that one more time thank you very much!

In any case, the result is impressive ...

We wish you have fun reading the eBook. To download just click on the cover above - or here on the word PDF.

It's a book by the readers for the readers. So a big thank you to everyone who took part, even if we did not accept every entry in the end!

These formulas for success have proven themselves

Professional success is often measured by the following factors:

  • Income (amount of salary)
  • Management responsibility (number of employees)
  • Promotion (duration of career steps)

Whose salary is above average, who has to determine over several employees and who in comparatively short time Climbing the career ladder is considered successful - at least that is the objective career progression according to an economic reading. As I said, completely different criteria can apply to you subjectively.

Unfortunately, it is like this: You cannot change certain parameters. You cannot conjure up a wealthy home or simply change your gender. Studies have repeatedly shown that both factors have an effect positive for professional success out.

Who comes from a simple background and who social advancement plans, it will be harder. Women also have a harder time. Some call it stable odor, others call it habitus. It shows itself in externalities such as dress codes and manners, but also an inner self-confidence and a basic trust that has been inherited.

This leads to the fact that the majority of the CEOs stay among themselves. Even if you can't change origin and biology - you can Significantly limit the impact. You can derive your personal formula for success from the following tips:

  • Become more decisive.

    Managers are much more willing to take risks and make quick decisions. You simply don't have the time to weigh up the pros and cons. They see an opportunity and take it - others, on the other hand, hesitate much longer. They see less of the opportunities than more of the danger of losing something. They are also slowed down the greater the selection.

  • Fill in any gaps.

    The same stable smell means: These people had the same experiences when they were young. They visited the golf club with their parents, had ballet / piano lessons and have a great deal of general knowledge. What speaks against catching up on one or the other? You don't have to become a professional golfer or a prima donna. You may also find that you are not particularly attracted by it - but to try it out, to acquire certain knowledge means to be able to have a say - even if it is only for small talk.

  • Dare to stage yourself.

    Do not always take everything for granted, but calmly point out your own successes - this ensures that you get yourself talking. Of course, you should develop a feeling for it and not fumigate yourself every day. But services should also be named as such. Studies show that employees who confidently stand up to their work not only master better salary negotiations, but also advance faster because the boss has them on their radar.

  • Follow your inclinations.

    There is precious little point in following a thing solely because someone else thinks it is important. The classic are parents who only want the best for their child, but persuade them to complete an apprenticeship or degree with which they cannot identify at all. Anyone who becomes a banker even though their heart beats for social work, who studies law even though they always wanted to study graphic design, will sooner or later become unhappy and will probably end up in burnout. If you enjoy doing something, you are good at it. If you are good at something, you are already on the trail of the formula for success.

  • Work on your attitude.

    Dare to dream, to spin (in a positive sense). Anyone who believes that things are possible has a completely different attitude towards life and its creative possibilities than someone who is pessimistic about the worst. But nothing can arise from pessimism. Visionary and entrepreneurial thinking is nourished by realistic optimism. Motto: If one door closes, another opens!

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