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Employer ranking 2017: These are the dream companies of university graduates

Despite all the exhaust scandals and board members' annoyances, they remain large automobile companies for many German students, especially those from economics and engineering, the most sought-after employers. That shows a current oneEmployer rankingthat the consulting agency universe as part of their extensiveStudent Survey 2017 has published for various fields of study. Universum surveyed for this from October 2016 to March 2017 a total of 40,625 students at 206 universities and colleges in Germany. Among other things, the participants provided information on Which companies you would like to work foraccording to which criteria they evaluate employers, which ones salary expectations they have and what long-term career goals they are pursuing. With Audi, BMW Group, Daimler / Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Automotive companies continue to occupy first places in the rankings for budding economists and engineers. The crisis-riddenVolkswagen Group has only seen a slight decrease in attractiveness, but remains in the top ten: VW has dropped to seventh place among engineers and ninth place among economists. In the Digital economy the big international brands dominate. On the other hand, IT / computer science students would prefer to join Google work. Follow in popularity Microsoft and Apple. Budding natural scientists, on the other hand, are mainly drawn to Germany - to Max Planck Society, toBayerand toFraunhofer Society. “The emissions scandal has so far had a surprisingly low impact on the attractiveness of the major automobile manufacturers. In general, we often observe that companies with a strong employer brand create a product brand scandal has little effect on the ranking”Says Tina Smetana, Country Manager of universe in Germany. The study also provides interesting details on the values ​​and wishes of the next generation of employees: For the first time, a secure job is most important to prospective engineers, but also to scientists, compared to all other long-term career goals. Job security even beats the often cited work-life balance in these fields of study. It remains the number one career goal for budding economists and computer scientists. But even in this group, job security follows in second place.

Lack of information makes employers uninteresting

The survey also shows how important Communication and employer branding for companies are. The study participants were also asked why they did not choose a company that they generally consider as an employer as the “ideal employer”: almost half of the participants, 46 percent, gave it "Insufficient knowledge about the employer" at. All other reasons were clearly behind: For twelve percent there was one inappropriate geographic location decisive. Ten percent did them Corporate culture responsible, with which they could not identify. Only seven percent gave theirs insufficient qualification as the main reason. There were also changes compared to previous studies on the subject of salaries: what the students expected when they started their careers last year 41,136 euros annual salary, they are a little more optimistic this year: The expected average annual income is 42,733 euros. In addition to the differences between women (39,834 euros) and men (46,805 euros), this also shows clear differences depending on the preferred entry-level industry and field of study. Among economists, for example, those with the highest starting salary who want to work in the banking sector reckon: the expected annual income there is 48,777 euros.

In the global employer ranking, Google is ahead

In the also just publish worldwide top lists of universe remains Google most attractive company for students of economics and - summarized here in a ranking - engineering and computer science. Microsoft took second place among engineers / IT specialists and Goldmann Sachs among economists. Apple follows in third place in both rankings. The global ranking is based on a survey of more than 290,000 students in business-related departments in the twelve largest economies. With BMW Group and Siemens In the ranking of the most popular employers among engineers / IT specialists, two German companies are represented in the global top ten.

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