What's the scariest demon movie

New study: These are the 5 scariest horror films

Movies can't be scary enough for us in the shocktober, but which one is actually the scariest horror movie of them all? This question of all questions can now finally be answered clearly!

The British website broadbandchoices has commissioned a study entitled “Science of Scare”. The 50 horror films that received the best ratings on film portals were selected for this purpose. For the experiment, 50 subjects had to watch all 50 horror films. At the same time, their heartbeat was monitored to see where they were most afraid.

We introduce you to the five stripes that raised the pulse of the test objects the most. In addition, the study was able to determine the worst jump scare - and surprisingly, that does not belong to the winning film.

5th place: "Paranormal Activity"

A couple is haunted by a demonic presence in their own home and wants to track down the ghost. The film consists exclusively of the settings of a surveillance camera that Katie and Micah have set up. We get to see how the two go about their daily lives and, above all, what happens while they sleep.

What makes the film so scary? "Paranormal Activity" gets by with almost no classic shock moments until the end, but waiting for something to happen is almost worse than any jump scare. The fact that the protagonists are completely normal people who don't live in a haunted Victorian villa, but in a perfectly normal house, makes the film so uncomfortable.

4th place: "Hereditary"

After the death of her mother Elen, the tragic and supernatural events in the lives of Annie and her family pile up. As they try to cope with their grief, the Grahams uncover a dark legacy.

"Hereditary" is not a classic, light horror film that keeps viewers happy with lots of jump scares. We suffer with the Graham family and it can be quite exhausting to watch but it is worth every moment. Fear is so pervasive in the film that we are not surprised that it made it into the top 5 scariest horror films.

3rd place: “Conjuring - The Visitation"

Carolyn and Roger Perron move into an old farmhouse with their five daughters in the early 1970s. The first night it became apparent that the building was haunted and that the ghosts were not exactly friendly towards the platforms. The family finds out that there is a curse on the house and that only an exorcism can save them.

“Conjuring” did not reinvent haunted house horror, but at least James Wan stages his story so well that the subjects of the horror study hardly got any rest while watching.

2nd place: "Insidious"

The family in "Insidious" also has to deal with supernatural events. In the case of the Lamberts, it is not the house that is to blame, but their little son, who is apparently being persecuted by a demon.

James Wan was also at work on “Insidious”. Although it just finished second in the ranking, the demon film wins in another sub-category: It has the most blatant jump scare ready. In the greatest shock moment on the strip, the subjects' pulse reached up to 133 BPM. So hold on to your drink if you dare to try “Insidious” and don't feel like sitting on a stained sofa.

1st place: "Sinister"

Writer Ellison Oswalt moves with his wife and children into a house where another family has mysteriously died. The case will serve as the material for his new novel. When Ellison finds a role with gruesome footage in the attic, he comes across a creepy, masked figure and an occult symbol.

If the results of the study are to be believed, “Sinister” is the scariest horror film of all time and it's no wonder. It offers everything that makes a real shocker: Creepy children, a scary demon and a tense atmosphere that made the testers' pulse skyrocket from start to finish. So if you want to really scare yourself, "Sinister" is your movie.

Do you agree with the results of the study? Let us know in the comments which film you think is the scariest.

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