Are Wisconsin and Michigan worth the trip

Milwaukee - unrecognized beautiful on Lake Michigan

Milwaukee? If you have no relatives or friends in this town on Lake Michigan, you might think it's not worth visiting. Oh oh, thought wrong, very wrong in fact!

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You drive a Harley | Out into the countryside, off to the water! | Riverwalk and Third Ward District | Hotels, Apartments and Vacation Rentals | Art and culture - can it be a little more?

Today Milwaukee has a high recreational value and a lot of culture to offer. The location of Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin alone is hard to beat. The city stretches out on the beautiful west bank of Lake Michigan and for that reason alone has a high recreational value.

In addition, there are almost 150 parks and green spaces as well as a large forest that actually lies on the territory of the city. So fresh air, sports and outdoor activities are provided. Otherwise, Milwaukee and its approximately 600,000 residents will hardly leave any vacation wishes unfulfilled. The city has very successfully revitalized its center, it has a booming cultural scene and of course what no major American city should be without: a great skyline.

You drive a Harley

Usually only die-hard fans know. One of the most charismatic brands in the world has its headquarters and factory in Milwaukee. We are talking about Harley-Davidson, probably the most famous manufacturer of motorcycles there is. The company was 110 years old this year (2013) and motorcycle enthusiasts celebrated the birthday on every continent. But a visit to the newly opened Harley-Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee is not only a must for them (400 West Canal Street, open daily). Here you can not only see "bikes" of every generation, you can also get to know motorcycle clothing and accessories through the decades. Above all, the museum gives an idea of ​​the "Freedom" philosophy, which is certainly part of the continued success of Harley-Davidson. Fascinating! Guided tours are offered through both the museum and the factory. If you just want to get a taste of the world of the Harley-Davidson, you should eat in the associated restaurant. This is also possible without paying the entrance fee.


Out into the countryside, off to the water!

Summer days in Milwaukee can be real vacation days - not at the lake, but at least by the lake. The Lake Michigan city enjoys its location, and so should its visitors. Whether you want to water-ski or swim, whether you want to go fishing or just want to take a boat tour - everything is possible. The offer is so diverse and so entertaining that tourists could easily forget that they are in a big city. This also applies to the green areas and parks. There are so many of them that the next one is never far. The parks are quite large and in some cases also allow activities such as cycling and horse riding. Children's playgrounds and kiosks with refreshments are just as much a part of the standard program as flower gardens and quieter places where everyone who wants to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the city will get their money's worth.

Riverwalk and Third Ward District

Have you just arrived and left your suitcase in the hotel? Then you should go for a walk on the "Riverwalk". Visitors can get a great first impression of Milwaukee here while having plenty of opportunities to relax with a coffee, a glass of wine, and a snack. The “Riverwalk” is located on the banks of the Milwaukee River and is in keeping with the location on the water. A first look at the skyline and a first impression of cultural life thanks to many open-air works of art are an atmospheric prelude to your stay. Of course you are welcome to come back at any time!

The "Riverwalk" connects a green area - Ceasar`s Park - with one of the most interesting districts of Milwaukee, the Third Ward District. This quarter has an eventful past, which was first influenced by Irish and then Italian immigrants. A devastating fire and catastrophic traffic planning threatened to destroy the district more than once. However, a far-sighted policy could turn things around. Today the visitor can look forward to a lively quarter in which chic boutiques, interesting galleries as well as bars, restaurants and cafes of high quality have settled.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

Hotels, apartments and vacation rentals in Milwaukee can be found at

Art and culture - can it be a little more?

Art lovers can especially look forward to Milwaukee. In addition to the many private galleries in the Third Ward District, there are also interesting state museums waiting for them. The Milwaukee Art Museum (700 North Art Museum Drive), whose three building sections are on Lake Michigan, are representative of many. With around 35,000 objects, lovers of ancient art will get their money's worth as well as friends of contemporary US artists, to name just two of the various art movements. Another must is the “Discovery World” (500 North Habor Drive) with its focus on technical and technological developments. The house is almost entirely interactive and therefore very attractive for children and young people. "House" is a not entirely accurate word. The museum also includes a replica of a three-masted barque and a large aquarium.