How can I prove a payment by email


Last updated on May 23, 2018

Processing emails takes up a large part of our working time. We would therefore ask you to make it as easy as possible for us and to observe the following guidelines:

  • It is best to send documents via PDF (see below) and combine individual documents into one file (there are very simple free programs that can do this by dragging and dropping). The fewer individual files we have to open, the better.
  • Please also check how many documents we actually need. We ONLY need proof of what you actually claim in your application, and only one proof per point (e.g. rental contract OR proof of rent payment). Documents that we DO NOT need include: student ID cards, ID cards, certificates of enrollment, evidence for all months if the amount always remains the same (e.g. for rent or jobs).
  • Please do NOT send us complete, unmarked account statements for the entire calculation period. If you want to prove something with account statements, please only send the relevant pages and mark the relevant items or make everything else unrecognizable.
  • Please do not send ZIP or RAR files. These are potentially insecure and are gladly sorted out by our mail server.
  • Please do not send files via external services - for security reasons we do not follow any links and therefore cannot access your documents.
  • Please make sure that files are not too large. We don't need high-resolution images and large files can also be to blame for emails not arriving.
  • Documents still have to be readable and printable, e.g. not too dark or too small.
  • If you mark PDFs on your computer, the “highlighter effect” may cover the marked parts when you print them out. Please avoid this as far as possible, e.g. instead mark it by circling the relevant points.
  • If you are unable to send the documents as PDF, please use another common format, e.g. JPG, PNG, ODT.
  • Please also note that we do not send any automatic confirmations of receipt. If you are unsure whether your email has arrived, please ask.

Finally, two tips for creating documents for e-mail:

  • You can save documents such as bank statements as PDFs by installing a PDF creation program (there are many free options). This acts like a printer, i.e. you can, for example, call up the print view for bank statements and select the PDF program as "printer", which then saves the document as a PDF instead of printing it on paper.
  • At least in Windows you can easily take screenshots by using the "Snipping Tool" (can be found in the accessories). This allows you to mark an area of ​​the screen, which is then saved as an image, which you can also mark or otherwise edit at the same time, for example.