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Blasphemy - some surprising thoughts on a difficult subject. Blasphemy is a derogatory, malicious, arrogant remark about something about someone. Mostly one speaks of blasphemy when one speaks disparagingly about a third party who is not present.

Love helps deal with gossip

Blasphemy can also be the name of a habit: Your constant gossip about others is annoying. Blasphemy can also be derogatory about a current event or about a political institution. Satire and cabaret essentially consist of blasphemy. This kind of ironic blasphemy has become an art form in its own right. In the past, some forms of blasphemy were also punishable, e.g. as an insult to majesty or blasphemy.

Dealing with blasphemy

There are different forms of blasphemy, if someone does God's blasphemy I would say why. But if he is hurting the religious feelings of another who is present, then I would say try to convey to the person that this is not okay. One should not harm the religious feelings of others.

Blasphemy about people of a certain ethnicity, language and religion is inappropriate. Society should have compassion and should respect all people. You can now gossip about individual people, you can gossip about the bosses. Gossiping about the boss is probably the most harmless form of gossip. If you gossip about bosses together, it helps somehow that you feel together. I say that even though I'm the boss.

But I also know that I am the leader of Yoga Vidya and thus several Ashrams and I am aware that people sometimes gossip about me. Some people get upset that people are gossiping about me, but what's the point. If it welds people together, if they can blaspheme together, it's okay. Of course, it is better to speak appreciatively of others. It is better to think about what you can learn from people and from everyone, but people are what they are and blasphemy is part of being human.

Blasphemy in relation to other personality traits

Blasphemy belongs to the group of personality traits, downsides, vices and virtues. To better understand this character trait, let's relate it to others:

Synonyms blasphemy - similar properties

Synonyms blasphemy are for example Outrage, denigration, slander, defamation, criticism .

The synonyms can be divided into two groups, those with a positive connotation and those with a negative connotation:

Synonyms with negative connotation

Synonyms that are commonly interpreted as negative are, for example

Synonyms with positive connotation

Synonyms with a positive connation can help to see an apparently dark side positively. Synonyms with positive connotation are for example

Antonyms of blasphemy - opposites

Antonyms are opposites. Antonyms, i.e. opposites, of blasphemy are for example Secrecy, solidarity, fraternity, acceptance, decency, . You can also divide the antonyms, the opposites, into those with a positive connotation and those with a negative connotation.

Antonyms with positive connotation

Antonyms, i.e. opposites, to a vice, a shadowy side, a negative personality trait, are commonly interpreted as an opposite pole. These can be cultivated in order to overcome the vice, the dark side. So here are some opposing poles to blasphemy that have a positive connotation:

Properties in the alphabet before or after

Here are some characteristics that appear before or after blasphemy in the alphabet:

Property group

Blasphemy can be counted in the following two groups of properties

Related words

Related words to blasphemy are for example the adjective blasphemous, the verb blasphemer, and the noun blasphemer.

Whoever has blasphemy is blasphemous or a blasphemer.

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