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Dota Underlords: Tips for Successful Auto-Chess Battles

The new game Dota Underlords is now available: We have some tips for you to help you get started.

A few days ago Valve started the Open Beta for Dota Underlords - a modification of the popular Dota 2 mod Auto Chess. The trial version got off to a very good start and, shortly after its launch, recorded over 100,000 active players at the same time. But Dota Underlords is a challenge, especially for newbies - and there is only a short tutorial at the beginning of the game. To make it a little easier for you to get started, you will find some valuable tips below:

Look over the shoulder of your opponents

In Dota Underlords you can see what your opponents are doing. Use this to your advantage: you can not only see which heroes they are fighting with, but also find out which items they have at their disposal. This enables you to change your strategy in such a way that you can inflict as much damage on the opponent as possible; of course, without biting into the grass yourself.

Strengthen your heroes

So that your characters do not fall over when the opponent attacks them for the first time, it is extremely important to level them up in combat: You can do this, for example, if you have the same hero three times. The three characters combine to form a level 2 hero. A level 3 hero can then emerge from three level 2 heroes. The higher the level, the more damage the figure does to its opponents. Incidentally, level 3 is the maximum that can be achieved.

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Don't rely on a hero class

Each hero class has its own strengths - and weaknesses. Therefore, you should make sure to combine your figures in such a way that they cover all areas as possible. Using only melee fighters is a disadvantage, for example, as they are vulnerable to magic attacks. Ranged fighters, on the other hand, are an easy target for assassins - and therefore need the support of other hero classes.

This is the best way to position your fighters

Each hero class is equipped with individual characteristics that only come into their own with the right positioning. The list is obvious: you should place weakly armored ranged fighters in the back rows, as they are less in danger there. On the other hand, you can position your melee units further forward, as they are made to be in the center of the fight, while assassins should only temporarily move to the front.

Take a look at the statistics after each round

After each round, statistics appear in Dota Underlords that inform you about the damage done by your units and that of your opponents. Looking at this data can be helpful as you find out what worked well - and what didn't - in combat.

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Save a little money

Saving a little money is not only worthwhile in real life: Dota Underlords was designed so that you get an extra coin at the end of each round if you have collected ten coins in an argument. So don't spend too much money at once, but save it for the loot phases, where you benefit most from it.

Practice creates masters

Despite all of our tips: In the end, practice makes perfect. Try out different heroes and positions to find out which strategy you can use to win. However, there is no universal combination that will really help you win every battle.

Tips for Dota Underlords in a nutshell

  • Watch your opponent to learn from them and adjust your strategy.
  • Level up your heroes to make them even stronger.
  • Do not rely on one hero class in combat - each one has its weaknesses.
  • Position the figures to your advantage: Assassins, for example, do not belong to the front.
  • Save your money for the loot phases.
  • Find the best combinations by trying out different characters and strategies.

Do you have any other Dota Underlords tips for beginners? Let us know in a comment here.