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Disturbance of the company peace: is there a threat of a warning?

Labor law warning due to damage to the working atmosphere

decisionsthat are met by the bosses do not always resonate with every employee. However, caution should be exercised when it comes to Statements about the employer in the presence of work colleagues goes.

Because here it can come to an immediate termination and not without reason. The disruption of the business peace is not just a frequent reason for a warning, but also for a behavior-related termination.

Often these warnings contain allegations that the employee concerned made derogatory remarks and thus that Has endangered the reputation of the superior. A warning due to disruption of the company peace signals that a Doubts about the superior's competence exists andDecisions made by the employer in public criticized become. But when is such a warning justified?

How important is a good working atmosphere?

The success of a company is a prerequisite for a good working atmosphere. This cannot be maintained if the peace of the business is disrupted. The According to labor law, gossiping about superiors, employers or other employees can have fatal consequences to have. Because the disturbance of the company peace occurs more often than some people think. A comment was quickly made that the boss did not go down well with.

If there is criticism of decisions, it should therefore Generally speaking with the employer should be sought.

Sample of a warning due to disturbance of the business peace

If an employee receives a warning about Disturbance of the business peace, it doesn't have to conform to any particular form to be valid. Rather, it is on one exact content to pay attention to.

The behavior that is objected to in the warning must detaileddescribed be. This is intended to inform the employee specifically about his misconduct, which resulted in the disruption of the business peace.

The Note a warning about the peace of the company should also be included. The incident, which is the reason for a warning, must also be described in detail with Type, place and time. General information such as unreliability, unwillingness to work, inappropriate behavior, etc. are not sufficient here.

Dear Ms / Mr ...,

the success of a company depends to a large extent on the peaceful inner workings of the company. According to your employment contract, you have to contribute to this industrial peace, or not to disturb it. It was with regret that we discovered that you had not complied with this point.

At the (Date and time) got from your colleague (Name of colleague) received the work order to take care of answering the company emails, as this fell into your work area on that day. You are then to the colleague (Name of colleague) and the colleague (Name of colleague) gone and found out about the "incompetence" of the colleague (Colleague's name) complained.

Such behavior is not conducive to operational peace and a constructive search for a solution. If you have a complaint, you are generally required to clarify it directly with the person concerned or to talk to your superior.

We disapprove of such behavior and ask you to ensure that such an incident does not recur in the future. Otherwise, we are required to take action under labor law up to and including termination without notice.

We will enclose a copy of the warning letter in your personnel file.

With best regards

Place, date, signature of employer

Confirmation from the employees:

I received the warning.

Place, date, employee's signature

Correct reaction from those affected

Is it by one one-time case If a warning is issued due to the disturbance of the company peace, the peace can be restored to the person concerned with an initial apology.

A hasty opinion is to be omitted. However, receipt of the warning should be acknowledged by the employee by signing it.

According to labor law, the employee is entitled to a written reply to write. Finally, the warning can also be found in the personnel file. The opinion should, however, be accompanied by a Lawyer for labor law be written so that the letter cannot legally be used against the employee concerned.

There may be witnesses in the company who can prove that the There is no reason for the warning and therefore, according to labor law, a warning letter is not justified. Furthermore, the removal of the warning from the file can then be requested. At serious cases However, the way to court is usually unavoidable.

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Disturbance of the company peace: is there a threat of a warning?
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