What is self-enlightenment

Awakening - the SELF is looking for itself

There is only what there is. And the separation, the split, is just another phenomenon. But it probably comes from thinking and is as superfluous as a hammer with which we deliberately hit our thumbs.

This creates an I / not-I experience for people. What the person then tries to do is to dissolve this neurosis of separation. And a recommendation for this is to maximally strengthen the separation experienced - until - hopefully - the illusion that the neurosis is seen through and the unity is recognized again.

For me there are always phases where I just don't feel well. I feel a basic sadness in me that is just there and I have to surrender to it more or less.

But this is only on the edge - maybe it is part of the way?

I myself was depressed for years for many years. Certainly also because the world and my separate state seemed so wrong and unnatural to me. So it may well be that your sadness or part of it simply results from the not yet completely redeemed longing. But in the end, sadness is just another phenomenon that we have to deal with ... I used to be sad - today it's the stress ...

Ramana Maharshi advises us to ask the question "Who am I?" “Go to the root of this sense of self. Where does it come from? ”He also says that you cannot search for the SELF because you already are.

Yes, the thief who looks for himself as a police officer. Pointless ... Ramana is not so much about searching to find - it is about being conscious of what you are already. Just feel your inner self again and again. Who is now aware of all of this. Look there, linger there, at the source. As a source. Stay and stay and just - hopefully it will break open ...

When answering the question about the I, it occurs to me spontaneously that the I includes everything that appears in my consciousness, i.e. the world, my feelings, my sense of self etc.

And even further. The I here is simply everything that is. Be aware of your awareness in the moment and see that this awareness is also something that is perceived. YOU yourself are everything and also this feeling of awareness. There is and has never been a final perceiving entity behind it that perceives it as I or I. Consciousness and everything else exists and is just by itself and by itself. YOU are what is. Seeing, being human, tree, feeling of separation, etc.

In your texts you say that the tree, the hand, etc. cannot be me. But in the end do you mean the SELF by the I - right?

The point here is the neurosis of the division experienced - to strengthen the entity of division as much as possible in order to hopefully reduce it to absurdity.

But basically there is no separation between I and SELF, because EVERYTHING comes from the SELF. But that means that the questioner who asks about the I is ultimately also the SELF. Then the SELF asks about itself.

Exactly. Non-enlightenment and enlightenment. Everything is the same Just movement in space ... If you are looking, then just notice that the self that is looking, as well as the suffering or longing that is behind the search, as well as the goal - that all of this together is what IS.

See it with the eyes of God. It's just a game. Then you can relax and leave it that way. It just doesn't play along anymore. Don't touch it anymore. See through it. And then relaxation can occur. The relaxation that leads to the relaxation of the neurosis of the existential separation. This is what we call awakening and enlightenment. A light dawns on us and we are free because we realize that we were never this me ...

I wish that you will find your peace with yourself and your life as soon as possible.