Can a church be a legal entity?

Church Community Association KGV


In the legal sense, parishes are corporations under public law. You are therefore independent legal entities with their own rights and obligations. The assets in the parishes are administered by the parish council, which also represents the parish and the assets externally. The church council is the organ of the parish. Like the parishes, the parish associations are corporations under public law. The law on the administration of Catholic church property of July 24, 1924, which is still valid, opens several parishes - e.g. B. all parishes of a pastoral care area - the possibility of joining together to form a parish association.


As a corporation under public law, the parish association is also a legal person and thus the bearer of rights and obligations. This means that the parish association itself can own assets and employ staff. It can also be the provider of facilities (e.g. day care facilities for children) and perform other joint local tasks. For this purpose, existing institutions can also be transferred to the parish association.


Task of the parish association is the supra-local perception of the affairs of the united church congregations.

The following can be considered:

  • Operational sponsorship of institutions of the church congregations
  • Employment for the staff in the parish institutions
  • Employment agency for the staff of the parishes


Chairman Monsignore Brennecke (leading pastor)

Deputy Mr. Klinger