Why was Joe Pesci killed in the casino

Mafia rumors about "casino"

Martin Scorsese, the specialist in Mafia events on screen, cast a spell over the masses with his story about the fall of a casino empire and a great friendship between two gangsters. Fascinated, moviegoers followed the relentless story about money, power, love, greed and violence. The luxurious glitter world of Las Vegas as a facade did its best to make the film a box-office hit. Always in the foreground is the suspicion that not all of the brutal facts shown were fictitious. Because Scorsese is known for his background knowledge of this scene - he has made many films on this subject, including "Good Fellas", "Departed" and "The Irishman". The stories are still fascinating today - there are many myths about the Cosa Nostra in America.

The beginning of the film "Casino" takes us to the luxurious setting of Las Vegas in the early 1970s. Everything is going very well for casino owner Sam "Ace" Rothstein, played by Robert De Niro. Rumor has it that this role was modeled on Frank Rosenthal, the former boss of the famous "Stardust" casino. As an absolute power man, he runs the Casino Tanger in the film - the most successful player oasis on site. With the help of his childhood best friend, Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci), he rules the scene. The figure of Santoro also relates to a real person in the scene. Anthony Spilotro, who came to Las Vegas from Chicago in the 1940s, is believed to have worked for the Mafia until the 1980s. What is certain is that Spilotro was a close friend of the "Stardust" owner Frank Rosenthal and that the two fell apart at a later date. As in the movie, Spilotro had problems with violence and drugs and was ultimately murdered. Pesci alias Santoro comes to a brutal end and is buried alive with his brother in a field in the film. The police found his body in a corn field. Ichikawa, who played the role of Akio Kashiwagi in "Casino", also refers to a real personality. In the late 1970s, he was a celebrated player in Las Vegas. However, he lost his millions and was murdered by the Japanese mafia in Tokyo in 1992.

In the film, the beautiful and the rich amuse themselves between slot machines, life casino, blackjack and roulette. The plot initially only shows the glamor world of the 1970s in Las Vegas. And it was very attractive. Even then, casinos offered enterprising adventurers and happy gamblers more than just entertainment. The world of games made it possible to participate in safe, happy entertainment without worries. Glittering luxury, ongoing chances of winning, lots of helping spirits and a great atmosphere were the order of the day. And even today, game enthusiasts experience a similarly sparkling flair. Either live - cult destinations like Las Vegas, Monaco or Karlsbad still exist - or virtually. Regardless of time and place, platforms such as the online casino Wildz are always available. In the film and the ambience of the 70s, Rothstein as an elegant, cosmopolitan casino owner and Santoro - the man for the rough - complement each other perfectly. They go through thick and thin together. Soon, however, the Zwiespal shows up in which they are located. Because their presence unites a strange mixture full of glamor and violence. The greed for property and success of the other, addictions and envy do not stop at them either. Their recipe for success only works until they fall apart.

Because the world of the two is not what it seems at first sight. Casino Tanger, initially also just a happy place of entertainment and night owls for the viewer of the film, soon reveals itself to be a money laundering company of the Mafia. The film gradually reveals a glimpse behind the scenes of this dazzling paradise. You can see the paradoxical universe of small and large swindlers and criminals of the 70s and 80s. An exciting perspective. Those in the know suspect that these insights were true. In addition to the real personalities portrayed, another clear indication is the role of the lawyer, who - when the first difficulties begin - is called into action by the casino owner Rothstein. Because none other than the mafia star defender and future mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, played in the 1995 film, a wink from the director, a bow to the truth, or a coincidence?

The future mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, is also a colorful figure in real life with an exciting past. As a young attorney, he served as a public defender in Clark County from 1966 to 1967. He then earned his living as a criminal defense lawyer for organized crime figures. Including from Frank Rosenthal, the former boss of the "Stardust" casino and his friend Anthony Spilotro - the characters portrayed by the actors in "Casino". From 1999 to 2011 Oscar Goodman held the office of Mayor of Las Vegas. Thereafter, his wife, Carolyn Goodman, was chosen for this role. Particularly interesting: in 2019 she took up her third term of office.

For movie buffs, “casino” is not just exciting because of the underlying facts. Because the film is also a classic tragedy: the story of the rise and fall of a ruler. As relentless and cruel as the fascinating personality of Ace Rothstein reigns in his empire, he is at the mercy of and in love with the fun-loving beauty Ginger McKenna. Sharon Stone excels in this role - she received the Golden Globe in 1996 for it. In the film, Rothstein marries his great love and enters into a relationship that is problematic until the end. In addition, his friend Nicky Santoro is becoming increasingly unreliable. He gets lost in excesses of drugs and violence. The friends split more and more. They hardly notice that they are jeopardizing their positions. A downward spiral begins, their empire finally dissolves.

Most of the casino footage was shot during an exciting month of shooting at the Riviera in Las Vegas. During the entire time, business continued in the house, only a large poster on the facade indicated that the greats of Hollywood were shooting their new film "Casino" here. Was it drawn attention? Who can say that with certainty?