What memory makes you laugh every time

Laugh anyway, even if you have nothing to laugh about - 3 tips on how you can do it

Laughing when it's funny is easier.

Why should you laugh anyway, even if life catches up with you and you have nothing to laugh about? Because you can cope with your challenges more easily, because you stay calm.

Imagine you have the EDP in your company, to which everything depends, cash receipts, inventory management, documents, record keeping, everything! In one fell swoop you are almost paralyzed! Can you still laugh then?

Me and my team made it. Of course we could have screamed and raved, jumped with anger, or cried, but we chose to laugh to get the best out of the situation. The motto: laugh anyway. How can you do that

My 3 tips for you:

  • Laugh as often as you can
  • Practice laughing
  • In every situation, no matter how hopeless, look for something that at least makes you smile.

What thoughts are rattling off right now?

Way too easy?

Something stupid? So superficial?

I can't laugh on command!

Laughing just like that, doesn't work at all!

Why should I laugh when there is nothing funny?

Stop! Now pull the corners of your mouth up

not just lightly, pull it all the way up, a little further and now think about your last laughing experience. Think back Feel it. Maybe it was yesterday, or last week, it could be last month or maybe longer, no matter think about it.

Don't read any further ... if your memory does: pull up the corners of your mouth and feel the laugh you are thinking of ... how did it feel when you really laughed? Did your stomach hurt from laughing, couldn't you stop? Was it with your family, with friends, did you see a funny film, did you laugh so heartily with your work colleagues? What did you feel

Maybe it was a quieter laugh, maybe it was just a smile that warmed your heart. A feeling that has changed your mind, your mood.

It could also be just a small moment, but that moment changed something.

Now push the corners of your mouth a little higher, notice how your breath is getting calmer, maybe you have to breathe out deeply now. Just stay in your memory and enjoy the moment, even if it is strange at first.

That was an exercise to laugh even if you don't feel like it. We can use the techniques of mental training and conjure up laughter again, maybe that wasn't so easy for you, so that it becomes easier for you too, follow tip one and two.

Laugh as often as you can

watch funny films, save funny photos, make yourself a laugh memory, meet people you can laugh with. Look for laughter, go to cabaret, or watch cabaret excerpts on Youtube. Find the people who make you laugh. Not everyone laughs at the same jokes, so become the discoverer of your laughter, pick up the trail and look for that which makes you laugh and then pursue that, don't let go of this trail.

Practice laughing

laughing is like a muscle, if you go to the fitness center and do 20 push-ups, you may have sore muscles the next day, but your muscles don't show that you've trained. The muscle is not built up.

It is the same with laughing. The brain connections need to be trained and built up. If your body knows its way around, it releases happiness hormones faster and your system reacts faster with relaxation, which the parasympathetic system causes. Your body can react to your laugh more easily and quickly when it receives signals from the brain.

From the brain, nerve stimuli, neural pathways that send signals to our body, are compressed. The more you care for these nerve tracts, the faster the commands get into our body. You can achieve optimal care by laughing frequently. If the connection, the training, is only short, the path is not developed and the transfer of information takes longer.

Imagine you are walking in the forest and you want to take a shortcut. You make your way through the thicket, it is difficult and tedious when there is no way.

If you can already see a small beaten path, you will progress much faster. There are not so many obstacles left to overcome. If the path is already well trodden, it will be even easier. If there is already a way, then it is easy. If there is already a road, you can move forward quickly.

It is the same when our brain fires and sends salmon signals to the body. The nerve tracts build ways! The more you laugh, the bigger and wider the laughing paths you create in your body, the easier it is then.

Create broad paths to laugh at

If you laugh as often as possible when you practice laughing, then you have wide laughter paths. You have the ability to find something that makes you laugh, even in challenging situations. You use your laughter and the happiness hormones released with it to relax your body and thus defuse the situation. Then it turns out to be true: laugh anyway!

How has our permanent laugh training in the pharmacy been able to defuse our challenging IT situation? So, anyway, on the weekend, the server suddenly shut down in the pharmacy, without any prior notice. That meant an emergency sale program for us. Furthermore, no card payments for the customers and many people have no more cash in their pockets. We could not provide any information as to whether we have products in stock, or any information about products, as our database was not accessible. Everything was very limited. We couldn't call up any documents, we couldn't print anything, in a word, nothing worked. L.

The IT company announced that it would be on Monday at 8:00 am, and the emergency operation should be over at noon. The data, backed up umpteen times anyway, should be copied and the worst should be done by noon. But I noticed that I was very tense on Monday morning and so was my staff. We were really paralyzed by the server failure. Would it really all be running again at lunchtime? Is all the data there, despite the many backups, and is it really easy to transfer and transfer it? Thoughts on Thoughts….

The technician said, if nothing unplanned happens then everything will run for lunch, yes, but what if? As always in life, this unknown remains and you have no choice but to trust. Then the technician said "Ok, let's go into battle". And suddenly in my head there was the image of the torero, off to the fight, the EDP the unpredictable bull against the technician (s) as a torero and I had to smile at this funny mental cinema. In the laughing exercises, there is also a torero exercise in which you hold your two index fingers to your forehead like a bull and jump around laughing. This picture was also there immediately, a link to laughter.

The link to laughter

I reminded my two colleagues of the laughing exercise and we cheered ourselves up all morning by showing each other the bull's horns and laughing automatically. The tension in the pharmacy disappeared. With the laughter and the humor, composure had regained the upper hand. J We couldn't do anything else in the situation besides trust. It is better to regain the good mood, to laugh and to go forward optimistically than to surrender to the nerve rubbing and the many questions "what if ...". At 12.10 the redeeming “program is running” came! That was greeted with applause, loud cheers and laughter.

Laugh anyway

Use laughter as your tool to make your life easier.

Laughter doesn't solve a problem, laughter hasn't changed servers, that was a great job by the technicians, but it raises the mood, it leaves room for a different perspective. Laughter activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which you need to calm your nervous system and thus ensures the necessary calm in you and in your surroundings. More health effects, scientifically proven, you can read here.

So let's laugh!

  1. Laugh as often as possible!
  2. train laugh!
  3. In every stupid situation, find a reason to laugh anyway!

You can find opportunities to practice laughing here.