What is distilled water and its uses

Distilled water

An important point is the storage of the water. Because as soon as air comes into contact with the ultrapure water, not only CO2 comes into the water but also microorganisms. There are more than enough of these in the ambient air. If there is also an increased temperature and UV light, the microorganisms can multiply quickly in the ultrapure water. In technical systems, the storage tanks are therefore always equipped with sterile filters. As soon as you take water from a tank, air flows into the tank and this air must be sterile.

We therefore offer light-protected, black storage tanks and blue barrels in our webshop.

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So you see the highest quality water produced is only as good as the use of it.

We only use new IBCs and barrels that are still sealed from production. Thanks to a special filling valve, there is also no risk of contamination during filling. The IBC is disinfected and cleaned before it is refilled. No other liquids, except ultrapure water, may be poured into the reused IBC.

We offer the demineralized water in a black IBC for long stays. The water is protected from UV radiation by the black IBC, so biological growth is inhibited.

Recommendations for long storage:

  • Cool storage
  • After removal, the IBC should be closed again immediately
  • Wash hands before filling
  • Remove dust and other dirt from the lid before opening the container
  • If white IBCs are used, the container can also be covered with a film

Light-protected IBC for fully demineralized water