How much does a henna tattoo cost

What does a henna tattoo cost?

A henna tattoo is a good solution for people who only want to walk around with painted body jewelry for a while, as the picture will last a few weeks at most. But how much does the fun actually cost?

Make a henna tattoo yourself?

If a henna tattoo at a specialist costs too much for you, you might get the idea to do it yourself. But is that a good idea?

  • Henna paste for the skin can be mixed by yourself. You need good henna, which is available for a few euros, black tea, lemon juice, sugar and possibly essential oils. This variant costs very little, even for larger tattoos. The question, however, is whether you will arrive at the desired part of the body for the tattoo yourself or know someone who is skilled enough to paint you a nice tattoo. After all, the whole thing is supposed to be a body ornament.
  • When buying ready-made pastes, never use black henna, as this is suspected of being carcinogenic. Make sure that you can read the list of ingredients in finished henna pastes for tattoos and that the paste contains only natural ingredients. You can get a tube of henna paste from around three euros.
  • It's very quick and easy to use henna-style decals. These pictures cost less than five euros, but you can see that it is not a real henna tattoo.

That costs the tattoo at the specialist

If you prefer to leave your tattoo to a specialist, you should find out beforehand what the picture will cost.

  • Of course, the price depends primarily on the size and complexity of the motif. You can get very simple small motifs for two to five euros. Medium-sized tattoos cost 30, 40 or up to 80 euros. Of course, this also depends on the henna artist.
  • Also make sure that the specialist does not use a carcinogenic paste. Ask about the ingredients and be particularly careful with black henna or do without it and prefer to be painted with natural henna, which is harmless.

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