What are some types of advertising

Definition:advertising describes the sum of all efforts that are made to provide a target group with information about a company or a product or service. Advertising understood in this way is therefore a tool of communication policy and marketing. Additional advertising measures are public relations, sales promotion and personal sales. Here you can get more information.

Advertising in general

The main benefit of advertising is to promote the sale of products and services and to create a more positive image with potential customers in the long term than the competition has already achieved. The advertising makes use of findings predominantly from psychology.

Advertising media are means that convey the actual message using design means. Examples of advertising media are advertisements, posters, stickers, TV spots, etc. Advertising media refer to the articles that take on the advertising. Examples of this are giveaways, media advertising, textile advertising and couponing.

Advertising on the Internet

Since the Internet has existed, there has also been advertising there. Above all, banners, i.e. graphics with advertising messages that are linked to a website of the advertiser, are widespread. Other forms of advertising are text ads such as B. Google AdWords or Bing Ads. These hardly stand out from the organic search results and look like normal SERP snippets.

There are various payment options for advertising on the Internet. The best known are CPC (cost per click) or, above all, for graphic advertising, cost per 1000 impressions, i.e. for 1000 impressions.

When does advertising make sense?

Advertising is a way of quickly gaining reach, especially on the Internet. Advertising can convey the advertiser's image and products receive more attention more quickly. While other communication measures such as social media or content marketing are primarily aimed at the image and awareness of the company, advertising can be used directly to sell products.

Before you start advertising, the following points should be clarified:

  1. There is an advertising plan with goals so that people don't advertise blindly.
  2. The advertising impact must be measured (e.g. with Google Analytics).
  3. The technology has to be right: the infrastructure, servers, etc. have to withstand the onslaught of visitors.
  4. The landing pages of the advertisements have to work and give the visitor what he expects, if possible.

Does advertising make sense for you?

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