What does caption under pictures mean?

How to Compose Good Instagram Captions: 8 Tips for the Perfect Wording

Instagram is actually about visual content. The quality of your photos is crucial when it comes to gaining Instagram followers, bringing your brand closer and tasting to your audience, and showcasing the human side of your business.

But even if you have edited a photo to perfection, the work is far from over. Only with the Caption you can give your pictures a voice and let them say what is important to you.

Here explain what the picture is about. This is where you try to encourage your followers to take action. And here you can knock out a thigh knocker that is guaranteed to stimulate sharing.

If you consider caption insignificant, you are missing out on the opportunity to engage your audience in ways that images alone cannot. The following tips will help you achieve the perfect mix of image and text.

8 tips for great Instagram captions

1) Prepare several versions

Do you know that? You just thought of a stunning, extremely quick-witted comment for one of your pictures - it's just a shame that you already have the picturetwo minutes ago have published with another comment. It has happened to all of us at one point or another; the perfect caption only reveals itself to us shortly after we have just published the post.

And what do we learn from this? You shouldn't publish posts too quickly. Instead, it's a good idea to make a few test versions first, which you then put aside or show a few colleagues to get their feedback. It is important to simply take your time.

Perhaps you are now asking yourself: "Isn't it important on Instagram that I publish my posts promptly and chronologically?" Yes, but that also depends on the topic of your post. There is, for example, the professional Instagrammer Patrick Janelle, who uses Instagram as a kind of chronological directory of his activities and lifestyle. He posts in near real time to document what he's doing at a given point in time.

Thanks to the upcoming change in the algorithm for Instagram feeds, chronology will soon no longer be so important. Then the focus will be on how your audience interacts with your post. The first thing that will be displayed in the feed are those posts that Instagram considers most interesting for the respective user. The visibility of your posts in the feeds of your followers then depends on the number of likes and comments on these posts, your relationship with the other user and a few other factors.

That's why it's important that you take the time to create beautiful captions. This is a great way to retain your followers and get them to engage with and share your content.

2) Mention the essentials right at the beginning

The character limit for Instagram captions (2,200 characters) is actually a matter of form. But be aware that captions in user feeds will be cut off after three or four lines.


That's not to say that you have to keep your signatures short enough that users can see all of the text on their feeds without clicking “More”. It is sufficient if you put the most important information or calls-to-action at the beginning of your text and insert hashtags, @mentions or less important information at the end.

Here is an example of a caption designed this way from the pen of Frank Body, a coffee-based skin care company.

Example Frank Body: Watch out! Do you like coffee? Then you can look forward to something. Tonight we reveal our best kept secret. ...

3) Add a call-to-action

The easiest way to guarantee that your Instagram posts are shared and that your followers will engage with it is to put a call-to-action in the caption of your photos. Use action-oriented verbs to encourage your audience to do something specific to doinstead of just passively scrolling through your page. The tendency of such verbs to encourage content sharing rather than nouns and adjectives has also proven its worth on Twitter.

For example, write: “If you think that's funny, double-click here” or “Share your stories in the comments”.

Here are a few other ideas for your calls-to-action to get started:

Ask your followers a question.

Encourage them to share their own experiences. Perhaps this information will even help you to further develop your strategy for Instagram or to inspire you to new content. If you want to improve engagement and make a lasting impression on your followers, have a chat with them by replying to their comments.

Example Rossmann:

Example Lorna Jane: “Be yourself, everyone else is already there. Today we find inspiration at the remarkable @ljclarkson - how do you find your #belief in the world today? "

Reference a link in your bio.

Clickable URLs are only allowed on Instagram in the "Website" field of your biography. For this reason, successful Instagram profiles update this URL regularly, for example to draw attention to new blog posts, YouTube videos, products or offers. They then refer to these links in captions.

For example, let's say you're running a contest or generally want more subscribers to your blog. Just change the link, then post a photo mentioning the new link in the caption.

Pro tip: Use shortened links with UTM tracking codes. This is how you can see how much traffic your Instagram page is generating. (Learn how to create UTM codes to track URLs here.)

Example HubSpot: 

To change the link in your bio, go to your profile page and click on “Edit Profile”.


Then just enter the URL of your choice into the URL field.

Remember that in Germany there is an imprint obligation for social media. If you have not yet linked this elsewhere, you should do so in the "Website" field.

Encourage your audience to tag their friends.

Get your followers to share your posts with friends by suggesting that they tag them. Here are a few examples of companies that have been clever, fun ways to encourage their followers to tag their friends:

Example Frooti: “It's Scrabble Day! Tag friends you want to play with. "

Example H&M: “Are you planning a short vacation with your best friend? Tag your future travel partner! "

Example HubSpot: “Coffee with colleagues makes Friday morning the perfect start to the weekend. Tag your coffee buddy from the office. Or better still: treat yourself to a break! "

Organize competitions for your followers

Competitions are ideal for engaging more with followers on Instagram and increasing your brand's presence.

Encourage your followers to post their own pictures and hashtag them, just like BuzzFeed Tasty did.

Example BuzzFeed Tasty: We are looking for delicacies. Tag your cooking skills with the #ThanksTasty tag. Maybe our pick will be your picture and it will be published on Buzzfeed.com!

For example, you could mention the official terms and conditions in the caption and add the appropriate link on your profile.

Example DM Germany: 

4) Limit yourself to 0–4 hashtags

A hashtag on Instagram behaves just like a hashtag on Twitter or Facebook: It brings together the posts of different users in one stream. If you have a public account, anyone who searches for this hashtag can find your Instagram post. (You can read more about how hashtags work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in this blog post.)

Hashtags are ideal for creating contact between users who are not otherwise connected, but have something to say on the same topic and are interested in the same topics, events, brands, etc. They also provide an opportunity to add some fun and humor to posts. The following example from FOMU shows what we mean by that.

Example FOMU: We started unpacking at the #Southend !! These two were part of the moving crew and our first customers. The time will come soon ... get ready!

Caution: Use hashtags sparingly.

Many Instagram users regularly use a long series of hashtags in their posts to gain more followers. In reality, it looks more like that for the followers you already have Spam. If you use too many hashtags, so will your followers for sure notice and for sure perceive as annoying. So set yourself a hashtag limit of three or four per post.

And don't forget: hashtags are not mandatory. A great Instagram caption doesn't need hashtags. In this example from Starbucks, you can see a nice caption without a hashtag:

Example Starbucks: Driver ✓, co-driver ✓, DJ ✓, passenger ✓. Buy 3 chilled drinks and get one for free! Valid from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm in participating branches.

Use hashtags at the end of the signature.

Unless hashtags fit naturally into a sentence, you should first put them at the end of the caption. That way, the part of the text your audience really cares about comes first, and your signature becomes more reader-friendly.

If your text is long enough to be cut off, the hashtags won't show up directly either. So they can still connect users with each other and do not disturb readers.

Example Lorna Jane: Hello, my name is @lornajaneactive and I am a fitness disciple! Tuesday sends its regards @the_fitway!

The hashtags in this text are hidden from users who scroll through their Instagram feeds. And that's okay, because the hashtags are just a search aid:

Pro tip:Are you looking for a hashtag that has already achieved a certain level of popularity? When you type the # symbol in a new post and then start typing a search term, Instagram will suggest hashtags based on their popularity. Here is an example:

5) Combine the tone of your brand with the casual tone of Instagram

Every social network has a specific tone of voice. A serious, jargon-based tone works well on LinkedIn, but would be out of place on Instagram. The best Instagram posts are characterized by a rather relaxed, funny tone. This can help you express the authentic, human and personable side of your brand (s).

So you should tweak the way you express yourself by adopting part or all of Instagram's light-hearted tone. This is of course easier for brands whose normal tone of voice is already heading in that direction, as is the case with Wistia.

Example Wistia: Virtual high fives for everyone. We wish you a nice weekend!

If your usual tone of voice is more serious and businesslike, you should try to strike a balance between honesty and approachability.

Example Bank of America: From using energy in waves to extracting fuel from algae - when it comes to saving the planet, there are no limits to ingenuity. Take part in #EarthDay and help us with our commitment to sustainable and future-oriented technologies!