What is a Siamese cat breeder

Care and attitude

Caring for a Siamese cat is very easy as the short coat hardly needs any grooming. Brush the fur every now and then to remove any loose hair. Since the Siamese have almost no undercoat, they do not feel comfortable in wet and cold environments. Make sure that the temperature in your home is not too low. It is also important that you dry off your Siamese cat well in case she comes home drenched after being outdoors. The warmth-loving fur noses are sure to look for a place by the heater or other warm places in the apartment. A heating couch will definitely go down very well with your Siamese cat. You should never expose Siamese cats to drafts.

The nature of the Siamese cat is very social and sociable, which is why keeping at least one member of its own species would make sense. If you keep two Siamese cats, you have even less work, because the cats love to look after each other. They are also very people-oriented, which is why you should plan enough time to play and cuddle.

So that the active Siamese cats can really let off steam, you should place some scratching furniture in your apartment. A scratching post with several levels is very suitable, as cats prefer to lie on elevated places. If you have the opportunity, you should allow the Siamese to run freely, because this ensures sufficient exercise and activity. Alternatively, you can set up a cat-safe balcony. As already mentioned, Siamese cats can also be walked with a leash and harness. However, you should get your cat used to the leash as early as possible. Practice in front of the first exit so that there are no nasty surprises outdoors.