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10 popular real estate portals from Austria

Anyone looking for a suitable home will also look for various contact points on the Internet. In the jungle of real estate portals, we now offer you a remedy - we at aboutimmo.at present 10 popular real estate portals in Austria that can help you find your dream house or apartment.

Austria - life is so beautiful today

More and more people are drawn to Austria. It is hardly surprising that you are so close to the mountains here. Green meadows, untouched nature and clear lakes - whoever moves to Austria will certainly not regret it. But where are the best properties to be found? With these real estate portals, you are guaranteed to find the right property.

1. Findmyhome.at

Http://www.findmyhome.at has been the Austrian quality portal for real estate since 2001. Buy, rent, house, apartment, plot of land - there is a suitable property for every search request throughout Austria. FindMyHome.at is the only real estate portal in Austria where you can rate the providers and see particularly good ratings from other seekers directly for each property. FindMyHome.at distinguishes the best rated providers as quality brokers, a helpful orientation.

The Austrian real estate portal itself is also rated well: FindMyHome.at was voted the “best classic real estate portal in Austria” by 8,000 searchers in 2018. In 2017 it was still the 2nd place.

2. Immobilienscout24.at

Regardless of whether real estate is to be acquired, rented or sold - everyone will find something here. Interested parties can feed their offers or requests into the system, completely relaxed from home. Practical: interesting properties from all over Austria are presented just a few clicks away. In addition, there are also valuable guides that provide information about prefabricated houses, tenancy law, costs and the like. At http://www.immobilienscout24.at there are countless offers for residential or commercial real estate - there is something for everyone here.



3. The standard

With its search platform immobilien.derStandard.at, DER STANDARD offers an informative, comprehensive and clear page on all aspects of living, renting and buying. With the personally configurable search agent, you won't miss any interesting property. In addition, the Immo-Services and many tips and tricks make it easier to look for and, above all, to find your dream property.

4. Flatbee.at

Flatbee is a property search engine and specializes in searching for COMMISSION-FREE advertisements. The aim is to make the search for and comparison of commission-free properties as easy and time-saving as possible. For example, by developing innovative search tools such as our property comparison algorithm and Flatbee price barometer. As an all-in-one search engine, Flatbee also searches the Internet for commission-free advertisements on a daily basis.

5. Mietguru.at

At http://www.mietguru.at you will not only find thousands of advertisements from various real estate portals combined in one central address, but also particularly attractive properties of the day. If you need tips for your apartment search or other advice on the subject of real estate, then Mietguru.at is also the right place for you.

6. Alle-gemeinsam.at

all-together IMMOBILIEN is an independent real estate platform for private individuals, brokers and property developers. http://alle-gemeinsam.at IMMOBILIEN offers customers a variety of opportunities to present real estate advertisements from Austria. Whether a condominium or rented apartment, single-family house or terraced house, land or commercial property, at alle-gemeinsam.at IMMOBILIEN you will find the right property for you. Private advertisers also have the option of placing their real estate advertisements free of charge.

7. Willhaben.at

Buy, rent, lease - at http://www.willhaben.at everything is offered that the real estate heart desires. From houses, apartments and land to commercial properties, several thousand offers and requests are shown. Investment properties, international offers and a company directory with brokers, property developers or prefabricated houses are also part of the repertoire. Truly no wishes remain unfulfilled here.

8. Immosuchmaschine.at

At http://immosuchmaschine.at, interested parties will find almost all of the advertisements that are on offer in Austria. Whether real estate in Vienna, Vorarlberg, Lower or Upper Austria - different types of real estate can be filtered out and examined more closely. In this way, providers can successfully present their properties and interested parties can search for the right dream property.

9. Wohnnet.at

Building, living and buying is no problem at http://www.wohnnet.at. No matter where you are looking for in Austria, finding real estate is child's play here. New offers can be requested by email and direct searches or offers can be made quickly and easily.

10. Remax.at/immobilien

Are you looking for a property or is it to be sold? A large number of purchases, rentals and offers can be found at http://www.remax.at/immobilien. Free advice, appointments for viewings, real estate appraisals and broker support are also part of the service. With the help of this internet portal, the right product can be found quickly and easily.

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