Which course should I take next year

Take courses and modules

There are no lectures at the FernUniversität in Hagen. By taking courses / modules, you "order" the study material that you want to study in each semester.

The course content is conveyed using written and electronic course materials. Depending on the faculty, you can also register for seminars or other (face-to-face) events.

Deadlines for occupancy and cancellation

Type / semesterOccupancy and cancellation *late occupancy * **late cancellation * **
summer semester01.12. - - - 28.02.
Winter semester01.06. - 31.0701.08. - - 31.08.

* The fax / email / post office at the FernUniversität in Hagen applies
** plus an administration fee of € 5.00 per booking / s made on one day (if there are several bookings per day, the administration fee is only charged once).

Selection of courses / modules

Degree programs and courses

You will find an overview of all courses / modules that will be offered for the coming semester in our degree programs and courses.


Using the published curricula for your degree program, you can find out which courses / modules you can / should take for the coming semester. Information on the curriculum can be found on the study portals for your degree programs.

Allocation of courses / modules

for newcomers

As a new registrar, you usually enter your selected courses / modules in the application for admission.

If you would like to change your occupancy after registering for the course, you can do this in your virtual study place within the deadlines mentioned above.

for feedback

As a student, you usually register for the next semester together with your re-registration. You can make changes to the occupancy already made in your virtual study place within the above-mentioned deadlines.

Repetition of courses / modules

In the event that you cannot work on a course / module in the semester in which it is enrolled, but only in a later semester, there is the possibility of repeating it. If you repeat the course, you will have access to the current, virtual version of the course / module including the new assignments. Only the study material in the print version will not be sent again.

Courses / modules can be repeated for 4 subsequent semesters free of charge from the first paid course.

You note the repetition by marking the corresponding mark in the "WHK" column (= repeater identifier) ​​in the online booking or in the feedback request.

Transitional regulation for students who started distance learning before the winter semester 21/22:

Students who have taken the paid courses up to and including summer semester 21 can use the free repetition for seven semesters from the paid course / module as part of a transitional arrangement.

Changes to courses / modules

In the virtual study place you can make the following changes under the Allocation menu:

1. Subsequent registration of courses / modules

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If you re-enroll courses / modules, you will not be given any extended deadlines. Depending on the point in time of the re-enrollment, the processing time provided for the respective course / module can be significantly reduced.

In order to clarify whether you have already missed relevant deadlines or what effects result from this (e.g. exam approval), please contact the responsible department.

2. Change / cancel courses / modules

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You can cancel the courses / modules you have already taken in the virtual study place until the end of February for the summer semester and until the end of August for the winter semester. If the cancellation in the virtual study place is no longer possible due to the claim that has already been booked, you can request the cancellation by e-mail. The requirement is thereby reduced. You can use this to display a current account statement for the virtual study place.