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Trump complains about the Koch brothers

Washington - US President Donald Trump has gone on a confrontation course with the conservative industrialists Charles and David Koch, who have been among the most important donors of his Republican Party for years. Trump described the two billionaires on Twitter on Tuesday as a "total joke" in Republican circles that the influence of their network was "overrated".

With the violent attack, Trump responded to the Koch brothers' criticism of his course, especially of his protectionist trade policy. The president described the Koch brothers as "globalists" who oppose "strong borders and powerful trade". They are "two nice guys with bad ideas".

He never tried to get the chefs to support him, "because I don't need their money (...)," tweeted Trump. The President again presented himself as a representative of the interests of the "American worker" and stressed that "he was nobody's puppet". He accused the Koch brothers of wanting to prevent their economic activities abroad from being taxed in the USA.

The Koch brothers' business empire is one of the largest in the United States. Your conglomerate ranges from oil refineries to chemical production to paper and textiles. The brothers have donated millions of dollars to conservative organizations and Republican candidates over the years to further their cause. This includes a largely unregulated market and free trade.

The punitive tariffs imposed by Trump have been severely criticized by the Koch network for months. At a meeting of the network last weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Charles Koch and his allies warned, according to a report in USA Today, that Republicans should no longer take the Koch organization's financial support for granted.

The 82-year-old Charles Koch pleaded for the extensive dismantling of trade barriers and criticized that the trade conflicts led by Trump could lead to a recession. According to media reports, the meeting also saw criticism of the Trump administration's immigration policy, the rise in government spending and the strong political polarization in Washington.

However, the Koch network also announced the reports that it would spend up to $ 400 million (341 million euros) on political campaigns. According to the Washington Post, the network has only supported four Republican candidates in the November Senate elections. The Koch groups stayed out of five of those races for Senate seats that were on the verge of being between Republicans and Democrats.

The Koch brothers had already kept their distance from Trump during the 2016 presidential election campaign, and he did not receive any donations from them. However, they later welcomed the tax reforms he implemented. The management of the Koch Group has recently been in the hands of Charles Koch. His brother, who was four years younger than him, retired, and the group cited health reasons for this. (APA, AFP, 1.8.2018)