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Find new music with Apple Music on iPhone

  • Discover featured music: Swipe over the featured songs and videos shown at the top of the Explore screen.

  • Search playlists created by music experts: Tap on one of the many playlists put together by music experts.

  • Discover new music: Swipe over the songs under New Music or tap Show All.

  • Listen to music that matches your mood: Tap on a mood like "Good mood", "Romance" or "Party" and then on the desired playlist.

  • Find trending music: Under Best New Songs, tap a song. Swipe left to see more songs, or tap Show All.

  • Listen to top tracks from around the world: Tap on one of the “Top 100 of the Day” playlists. These playlists contain the most popular music tracks of the day in countries around the world.

  • To listen to tracks from an upcoming album: Tap an album under Coming Soon, then tap one of the songs that are already available.

  • Explore favorite categories: Tap Categories, choose a category, then tap a featured playlist, track, album, artist, radio station, or music video, and enjoy music curated by music experts.

  • Listen to the most popular songs of the day: Tap Charts, then tap a song, playlist, album, or music video. Tap All Genres at the top of the screen to view the most popular tracks and music videos for a genre of your choice.

  • Watch music videos: Tap Music Videos, then tap a featured music video or a music video playlist.