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Archive school year 2018/2019

Narrative theater by the support group on Thursday morning

We meet every Thursday morning, we are six children, in a care group with Ms. Joklitschke to work out social issues.

For a few weeks we dealt with the topic “The Others”. After we had looked at the book “The Others” as a narrative theater, we wanted to create such a narrative theater ourselves. In groups we rewrote the story, moved the scene into the sea or the desert and thought of new main characters. This resulted in three very different stories that we revised several times. Now, of course, we wanted to show our theater to other children too, so we made two performances.

Our audience was quite enthusiastic and the lesson from history that one shouldn't have prejudices was certainly understood by most of them.

Donation handover by the company ASS Stahlservice

Shortly before Christmas, the gardening school received a generous donation from the ASS Stahlservice company.
This was ceremoniously handed over to the school by the employees of ASS Stahlservice.

Thank you very much for this generous donation!


ASS Stahlservice was founded in 2001 in Aalen-Ebnat. Within a few years it developed into a major steel trading company on the market. The high-performance and comprehensive service in the field of steel trading and processing is the core business. ASS Stahlservice provides comprehensive advice when it is needed. And always against the background of a lived partnership in which trust, reliability and high commitment are a matter of course for the customer.

Drive to the waste management company

In cooperation with the nature conservation group, classes 2a and 2b took the bus to the Ellert waste management company near Essingen on April 9, 2019.

Since there were larger vehicles on the site, everyone had to wear a safety vest and walk in an orderly manner. Ms. Haußmann from GOA showed the visitors through the facility.

First, the disused landfill was explained, on which trees are now growing. Leachate from the depths is diverted and cleaned of rubbish residues. Gas that is formed during rotting can escape upwards and is later converted into energy.

Afterwards, the preparation of waste for waste incineration could be observed in two large halls. In another building, waste paper was separated into different types with the help of air and then bound into bales. Opposite was bulky waste (e.g. upholstered furniture).

Finally, Ms. Haußmann gave a tour of the recycling center. Private individuals can deliver themselves here.

Despite the cool weather, it was a very interesting morning. Many thanks to the association for the generous contribution to the bus costs!