How do I make my own forum

Creating a forum: the best options

Not sure how to build your forum? In the following, we will go into the strengths and weaknesses of the two options with regard to various criteria.

Installation and administration

By choosing a forum hosting provider, you are definitely making the more convenient, beginner-friendly choice. The applications are installed on an executable server structure and are kept up to date so that you can focus on configuring your forum can. If you have your own server, you will be responsible for obtaining the necessary hardware resources and installing and updating the web server, forum software and database. For this you need the appropriate Plan workload.


Hosting your own forum yourself gives you that a great deal of freedom. For example, you can freely choose which forum software you use or which web server should be used. Hosting providers offer just a small selection of systems or are even limited to a single one, which applies equally to the version of the respective program. This can also become a problem if you later consider changing the application. Another advantage of self-hosting is the possibility of integrating the forum directly into your CMS via a module.


As with any web project, security plays a major role in a forum. Protective measures against attacks (especially spam) and a good one Back-up strategy for this reason are part of the compulsory program. Many hosters comply with this obligation, but ultimately you cannot influence this yourself. Therefore, when choosing a suitable provider, you should pay special attention to the security measures advertised and the promised Resilience lay. When hosting your own, you should never take the topic lightly: If you do not have the necessary know-how, it is advisable to consult an expert.


Even if you create and operate a forum, you cannot avoid the subject of data protection. Users who register usually give you at least their email address. In addition, the IP addresses often end up in the server log and - if required - person-specific information in the database, which must be protected accordingly. With a forum host you should definitely check this point to be on the safe side. Is the Server location In the USA, for example, the very lax data protection there applies. Incidentally, this also applies if you host your forum software yourself, but have only rented the corresponding web space.


If you start with a small forum and minimal resources, but your community and demands are growing steadily, the question of increasing web space, bandwidth and co. Will soon arise Cloud solutions, the A flexible resource management enable. This also applies in the event that you need significantly less power temporarily or permanently at a later point in time. If you have your own server, you have to react individually to the development of your project and upgrade in good time. That too Disarming is much more difficult, because theoretically all you have to do is sell the hardware in question, which is very likely to mean a financial loss.


Renting web hosting structures is no longer as expensive as it was a few years ago. Forum hosting, which also includes the installation and maintenance of the software components, is very affordable for this reason. If you can do without your own domain, it is even possible with some providers to create and maintain a forum completely free of charge. However, this exemption is often associated with interspersed advertising and a subdomain. For the direct integration of the forum into your own domain, it is necessary to take the hosting into your own hands and to buy or rent the necessary resources. However, good planning can save you a lot of money in both software and hardware.