What kind of porn stars do women like

He was seen in 125 hardcore films, had sex with a number of women (“something in the three-digit range”): Till Kraemer worked as a porn star for two and a half years. Now he's starting a career as a stand-up comedian. His program is - of course - about porn. MOPO met the 41-year-old from Rosengarten for a relentless interview.

The entry into porn

“I had a tough relationship behind me and as an actor it wasn't going well either. I applied to a porn label with an amateur film. I wanted a job that I enjoyed. And was also quite unrestrained privately, had sex with an ex-girlfriend in the middle of the city park or in the swingers club. "

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Sex shoots: the casting

“First, applicants fill out questionnaires about their sexual taboos. And because so many men really want to become porn actors, they are usually cast in a "gangbang", a group sex scene. It was bizarre to have to prove yourself next to 50 sweaty men’s bums. Without a fee, of course. "

The first sex shoot

“It was extremely embarrassing! I was super excited and came after a minute. The whole thing happened to me several times in a row. "Till, nobody here is having fun except you," the director said and annoyed me and pressed a dildo into my hand. 'Go on with that.' Then I taught myself to postpone orgasm - by breathing deeply into my stomach. "

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Shooting porn - a dream job?

"Actually already. It's like a parallel universe where men's dreams come true. I'm not the type to pick women up in discos. Everything has already been clarified on the set, and the game is played with open cards. I think it's better to have sex there with women who are cool with them, instead of playing something for women in the club. "

Sex shoots: that happens behind the scenes

“There is actually more sex behind the camera than in front of it. I was very surprised - and pleased. Actors are usually accommodated in the same hotel. Actresses often knocked on my door in the evening. Or on the way back on the ICE, I went to the toilet several times with a colleague. Sex is omnipresent in the industry and has almost the same status as a hug or an expression of sympathy. "

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