How can I choose a secure Airbnb?

Properly promote your vacation rental on Airbnb

With more than 400 million visitors in over 81,000 cities and more than 191 countries, Airbnb has quickly become one of the leading booking portals, preferred by families, young professionals and adventurous travelers in particular. But in general, the number of travelers who choose an Airbnb experience and stay in a wide variety of accommodations around the world is increasing. Find out how to properly market your vacation rental on Airbnb, increase your visibility, and work with an Airbnb-certified channel manager to ensure your property is seen by even more potential guests.

How do I market my property on Airbnb?

You may be wondering how complicated it can be to advertise your properties on Airbnb - but it's a lot easier than you think, especially when you're working with an Airbnb-certified channel manager. You can register for free on Airbnb and advertise your property for free. Only after a booking has been made do you pay a so-called hosting fee to Airbnb, which is usually 3%. So it's a risk free investment.

Register with Airbnb and publish your listing in just 3 steps:

Step 1 - Details of your Airbnb accommodation

1. Type of accommodation

Choose what type of accommodation you want to advertise. There are a number of options that you can choose from the drop-down menu. First make a pre-selection of the type of accommodation before specifying it.

2nd room type

Here you can choose between “Entire accommodation”, “Private room” or “Shared room”. For holiday homes or apartments, you will most likely choose Entire Property.

3. Guests

Enter the maximum number of people that can stay in your accommodation. This doesn't mean that you will only be shown to potential guests up to the maximum number, but it is good to be flexible. Just make sure you also have enough beds to comfortably accommodate all of your guests.

4th bathroom

Let us know how many bathrooms your accommodation has. Bathrooms without a shower or bathtub count as guest toilets.

5. Address

Enter the exact address of your accommodation and check on the Google map that the pin is in the right place. Don't worry, the exact location will only be communicated to guests after their booking has been confirmed.

6. Equipment

So that your guests get a complete picture of the property, you should list all the features. If not all equipment features are available in this list, you have the option of adding further extras after publication.

Step 2 - Describe the atmosphere in your Airbnb property

1. Photos

Ideally, you should upload 10 pictures of your Airbnb property. But you can add more as long as you make sure that the images are of high resolution (about 1024 x 683 px.). Show photos of all rooms and present the best angles, ideally in landscape format, to show as much of the room as possible. Airbnb offers free professional photography of objects if they meet certain criteria. So take the opportunity if you can!

2. Description

You have 500 characters to summarize your accommodation. So really try to sell your property as precisely as possible. Feel free to use bullet points for description! Optionally, you can also store further information: about your accommodation, your availability during the stay of your guests, about the neighborhood and the connection via e.g. public transport

Step 3 - Set the prices for your Airbnb accommodation

1. House rules for your guests

Before each booking, guests agree to your house rules. So set the rules in your property and let potential guests know what they should be aware of.

2. Calendar

Airbnb urges you to always update your calendar and to adhere to availabilities. Airbnb charges a penalty for canceled bookings due to a non-maintained calendar. Set the minimum and maximum stays, how much lead time you need before a guest arrives at your home and how far in advance guests can book with you.

3. Prices

Airbnb will suggest smart pricing for your offer based on their algorithm. If it's your first time posting an ad, Airbnb will propose low pricing to attract guests who will then leave reviews and build your reputation. In addition to the base price, you will also be asked to set a minimum and maximum price. The pricing is then based on demand. If you don't want Airbnb to automatically adjust prices, you can only set the base (default) price. For long-term bookers you have the option to set weekly and monthly discounts.

An Airbnb certified channel manager makes it even easier by syncing your availability and prices with Airbnb in real time without creating an account - all you have to do is sign up with one click!

Examples of vacation rentals on Airbnb

Airbnb is designed for private accommodation, which makes it the best travel portal for homeowners. If you're unsure of what to include in your listing, here are some examples of vacation rental providers on Airbnb.

Le Cocon Stephanois - Vacation Apartment


As you can see from this example, many numerous and above all high quality images have been uploaded for this property so that guests know exactly what to expect when they stay.

Duck Lodge - Luxury Cabin with hot tub


This property has enrolled in the Airbnb Plus program, which serves as Airbnb's proof of quality. How does it become part of the program?

“The Airbnb team rates current listings for their exceptional quality and design. Hosts with suitable listings are invited to join the program. If your listing is invited, you will take a series of steps to update the listing for Airbnb Plus. ”

However, the properties will bear the cost of this personal inspection, which is $ 149 (€ 135) per listing. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether it is worth joining this program.

Another disadvantage of Airbnb Plus is that you have to agree to only list your property on Airbnb and not on any other platform (other than your own website). That's a huge commitment and you might have more success listing your property on other travel portals that have larger and more diverse audiences.


How can I increase my views on Airbnb?

Just like Google or other search engines have developed algorithms to list the most relevant results first, Airbnb prioritizes the displayed results with the following content:

Current calendar

If you regularly update and maintain your availabilities, the Airbnb algorithm will promote your listing by recognizing that the host is active and responsive - Airbnb likes that. If that's too much of a hassle, consider connecting to Airbnb with a channel manager who will automatically update your prices and availabilities to show you at the top of search results.

competitive prices

Fill in the details of your accommodation or room in the Airbnb calculator and Airbnb will suggest a reasonable price based on the accommodation, amenities and location. To stand out from other properties, you need competitive pricing, at least in the initial stages as you collect reviews. As your offering becomes more established, keep an eye on your competitors' pricing.

A sleepover

Airbnb prefers flexible offers and so does its customers. If you do not specify a minimum length of stay, you will appear for more searches.

Formulate your offer carefully

Similar to using keywords in search engine optimization, think about the search terms that guests can use to find your vacation rental and include them in your description. For example, include a sight that is nearby or name a specific feature that potential guests can search for (e.g. with a balcony).

High quality images

Make sure you have appealing visuals of your property. The competition on Airbnb is fierce and you need to present your property in the best possible way so that potential guests choose your vacation home or apartment. Airbnb offers free professional photo shoots for accommodations in specific locations or that meet specific criteria. You will get more bookings thanks to the professional images and the Airbnb watermark on the images will make your property rank higher in the Airbnb search.

Instant bookings

This also shows how flexible and convenient your offer is for guests and your accommodation will appear more often in the search query.

Great reviews

Guests trust properties with positive reviews. You can earn even more good reviews by giving guests a great stay and promptly asking them to return the favor with a good review.

How to become a superhost on Airbnb

Another way to get high on Airbnb is to take your hosting to the next level - earn yourself superhosted. To get this coveted badge, you must do the following:

  • Answer quickly
  • Do not cancel bookings
  • Log into Airbnb every day
  • At least 80% 5-star ratings
  • Host a minimum of 10 trips per year

You can check your superhost progress here.

Advertise on Airbnb with a channel manager

Airbnb certified channel managers exist for a reason - they build confidence that they are making the best possible connection between Airbnb and your property. If you choose a channel manager, make sure that the synchronization includes the following information:

  • Bookings
  • Availabilities
  • Prices
  • Guidelines & Descriptions
  • Booking conditions

Regardless of the style or type of your accommodation, an Airbnb-affiliated channel manager can provide presence - and bookings!

The best channel manager for Airbnb

Are you looking for a channel manager who offers a double certified Airbnb connection based on a reliable API - not just via iCal. This has the following advantages:

  • Booking management in real time
  • Instant updates of prices, availabilities, guidelines, photos and content
  • A simple commission model - no bookings = no costs!
  • One-click opt-in / opt-out
  • Everything in one place, with automatic onboarding and updates

Legal notice about renting through Airbnb

Here's some practical advice from the B&B Association on how to comply with legal requirements for airbnb rentals:

  • Close one Special insurance as the short-term rental invalidates your building coverage - so all you have to do is pay a mortgage if the house burns down.
  • Ask the Lender after his approval. If this does not happen, mortgage fraud will be committed and the banks will increasingly demand loans for unauthorized letting.
  • If it is a rental apartment, check that Lease and ask the owner for approval.
  • Let your neighbors know in advance of your plans and listen to your concerns about strangers carrying suitcases up the stairs at 1am.
  • As with a normal rental, you will need an annual gas safety certificate, safe electrics, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and fire protection measures. For a rental period of more than four months, you also need an energy certificate.
  • You must earn income from the rental in your tax declaration specify. It then depends on your individual situation whether taxes are due. The Business tax However, it only becomes relevant if you earn more than EUR 24,500 per year from subletting.

Now you have the knowledge to advertise and place an ad on Airbnb.

So don't miss out on promoting your property on Airbnb and enjoying all the benefits with an Airbnb certified channel manager!