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Find tuition, group or individual lessons nationwide on site?

At tutoria you have the choice: Should the tutoring take place as group, individual or online tutoring? This offers the advantage of individual support according to your personal needs and guarantees the best possible student tuition and support. The tutoring via Studienkreis is not only more effective, but also more sustainable than normal lessons. Paired with regular learning progress reports, free educational support and measures accompanying the lessons, we at Studienkreis and our tutors do everything for the optimal learning success of our tutoring students. Mathematics, geography, biology, business administration, physics or various foreign languages ​​are just a few subjects that we can offer you.

With tutoring for school success

We want to offer a new, effective form of tutoring. We enable sustainable tutoring for students and want to motivate the children to learn. Together with parents and students, we work on a long-term improvement in learning success. We offer professional tutoring for elementary school students as well as tutoring for high school students and students. Regardless of which subject you are looking for tuition or you need vacation tuition - we will find the right tuition that meets your needs: Whether mathematics, Latin, English, French, geography, biology, business administration, physics or another subject in school and above out!

Tutoring in your area

The tutoring usually takes place near you or online - according to your ideas. At Studienkreis there is no inflexible contract that binds you to a type of tutoring. Thus, parents and students can choose the times for the tutoring and the intensity according to their needs. The price of our tuition is based on the specific needs of your child. It depends on various factors: How often does your child or the tutoring student receive their tutoring per week? In which subjects should the student be promoted? Would you like lessons in a small study group of three to five students, individual lessons or online tutoring?

In any case, you can convince yourself of our tutoring offer and our teachers with a free trial lesson. Even if you have special requests for tutoring - do not hesitate and contact our educational advisory team! You can call us free of charge. We will find the right teacher for you and the time for a trial lesson to ensure effective tutoring.

Certified and motivated tutors give top tutoring for students nationwide

Via tutoria you can find tutoring in your area or online at your home according to your ideas. The pedagogical competence of the tutors is always guaranteed. The selection of tutors is made by Studienkreis based on evidence of the academic and didactic background, as well as teaching experience. In the case of learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, Studienkreis offers teachers specially trained for these needs as well as individual lessons. Our innovative concept for target-oriented tuition is known for the fact that it offers parents and students as well as tutors the highest level of service for top tuition - this makes learning fun!

Tutoring for exam preparation

Additional tutoring can be of great benefit, especially before important exams, such as the Abitur. Via tutoria you can adjust the scope of the tutoring as required. Our trained tutors cater to your child individually and clarify any final questions before the exams. Thanks to the relevant teaching material for various subjects, such as teaching materials in English, teaching materials in mathematics or teaching materials in German, and the special care provided, your child is well prepared. The tutoring does not have to be limited to the teaching time. In our vacation tuition, your child can make good use of the free time and repeat learning content. By combining timely preparation and professional support, you and your child can look forward to the exam phase with peace of mind.