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METAClick - More clicks for job boards

Cooperation model

The cooperation between your company and METAJob takes place in 3 steps:
  1. They provide an electronic interface that defines which jobs you want to publish on METAJob.
  2. METAJob accesses it periodically and thus constantly updates your jobs on METAJob.
  3. Internet visitors who find your job on METAJob and click on it will be redirected to your website.

target group

METAClick's target group are job exchanges on whose website at least 30 jobs (1 job per page) are displayed and which offer an electronic interface (e.g. XML) that lists the job urls.


  • You decide which of your jobs should appear on METAJob.
  • To the left of your jobs, you can display a freely selectable logo, which is effective even if the users do not click on it.
  • Thanks to the integration via an electronic interface, there is almost no time lag between the publication of your new creation / change / deletion and the change being visible on METAJob.
  • Your jobs will be displayed in the METAJob search results and you will therefore receive more internet traffic, clicks and applications.

Pay per click

Billing takes place via "Pay-Per-Click". Every time a user clicks on a job on METAJob that takes them to your website, a very small amount is charged. You gain maximum flexibility because you can set this amount (the price per click) yourself. In detail, you can set the following on a graphical user interface:
  • Maximum price per click
  • Maximum cost per day or per month

The higher the price, the more clicks you will get, as your jobs will be preferred in the search results.

annotation: METAJob basically ranks the job offers according to quality and according to the agreement with the query of the job seeker. This rough ranking cannot be influenced. Within this ranking, however, there are classes of "quasi-equivalent" job offers that hardly differ in quality for the end user or are even identical if several organizations publish the same job offer. In the latter case, duplicates are eliminated. The adjustable price per click now determines where your job offers are listed within the same quality classes or which duplicates are removed if several companies publish the same offer.


You get access to extensive online statistics, such as:
  • Clicks per day as a time series (see graphic on the right)
  • Average cost per click over time
  • Total cost per day over time
We also send a detailed analytics report by email at the end of each month.


We support two billing options:
  • Open-ended contract. The clicks actually incurred are periodically offset in retrospect. The contract can be terminated at the end of each month.
  • Prepaid mode. Here you purchase credit in advance, which is then available for your clicks. You determine the time of purchase and the amount yourself.
METAJob implements a system to avoid click fraud so that only real clicks are charged.

Try METAClick for free:

Simply send us the url on your existing interface (XML, TXT, RSS feed, Google sitemap), which lists your vacancies. We subject them to a technical check. If successful, you will receive a free prepaid credit so that you can test METAClick. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.