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The best jokes of the last few months - chosen by you!

April joke

The teacher asks Fritzchen: '' Can you show me where America is? '' Fritzchen wiggles around uncertainly and then actually points to America. And who discovered America? '' Asks the teacher. “Well, Fritz!” Calls out the whole class. (from Clacla)

Joke of the month of March

Fritzchen was at school and threw his bread out the window. The teacher asked, "Was that on purpose?" Fritzchen said: "No, with cheese." (from Marolollo)

Joke of the month of February

Fritzchen asks his teacher: "Can you be punished for something you haven't done?" "No of course not." "Well, I haven't done my homework!" (from hello)

Joke of the month January

Mama asks Fritzchen: "Where is the sieve?" Fritzchen replies: "I threw that in the trash, there were so many holes in it." (from MiniHexe)

Joke of the month of December

What does a dragon do in a football stadium? Cheering people on. (from Sittam)

Joke of the month of November

Fritz asks his grandmother: "Why are there no cherries in the cherry cake?" Says the grandma: "Well, can you find a dog in the dog biscuit?" (from NONO)

Joke of the month of October

How much do a horse and a dog weigh?

A pound! (of ...)

Joke of the month of September

Lisa says to Anna: "My dog ​​can lie." Says Anna: "You can't do that." Says Lisa: "Yes, it works. Belo, how does a cat do?" "Woof woof." (from lu17)

Joke of the month of August

Two clocks meet. Asks one: "Do you want to marry me?" Then the other: "You are probably not ticking right." (from Sarah)

Joke of the month of July

What is the difference between a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian wolf? Answer: One is a shredder and the other is a meat grinder. (by Janara Sophie)

June joke

Fritzchen was in school. Then the teacher came and took the apple from Fritzchen. He said, "If you want the apple, tell me 3 types of fruit." Then Fritzchen said: "Give me my apple, you plum, otherwise you will get hit on the pear." (from Malichen)

May joke of the month

Martin says to his mother: "I have a stomachache!" The mother says: "It comes from the fact that you have nothing in your stomach." After an hour, Uncle Otto says: "I have a headache!" Martin replied: "It comes from the fact that you have nothing in your head!" (of ...)

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[Published or updated on: 05/21/2021]