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Activity and fitness tracker

Published by Armin7. November 2018



How useful are the trackers for cyclists?


Fitness wristband, activity tracker, wearables or fitness tracker

The small devices for the wrist are available under different names. They show the time, the steps taken, meters covered, phases of deep sleep and / or calories burned.

You can pair it with your smartphone and synchronize it with special apps. If you are an avid cyclist and would like to purchase a fitness tracker, there are a few important things you should keep in mind.


Runner with Sigma fitness watch and smartphone app. © Sigmasport


Sporty - aerobics, swimming, running, cycling - everything included?


Most activity trackers come with compatible heart rate sensors, which usually work with a chest strap. Some trackers can communicate with training computers using ANT technology. Many fitness wristbands are waterproof, so swimming is not a problem.

Most devices have the ability to track movement and prompt you to do more when you need to. However, most activity trackers react to all movements and vibrations, so that even when cycling, steps may be recorded that were not taken.


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Some activity trackers support cycling mode


On the Polar M400 training computer *, for example, the driven speed is determined with the help of GPS data. While cycling, the currently achieved speed is then transmitted to the device and can be read on the watch display.
Otherwise, the parameters displayed (heart rate, training duration, time) during a cycling session do not differ from those for other activities. However, the Polar does not display a cadence, so it may be useful for casual riders but less suitable for ambitious athletes.


Fitness trackers and sports watches from Polar. ©


The latest development, which is supposed to support cycling in addition to swimming, running, boxing or weightlifting, is a small disc (Moov) that is attached to a bracket on the leg or arm and then measures acceleration and movement.

The fitness tracker is attached to the crank for cycling. On closer inspection, however, the supposedly innovative device is nothing more than a normal cadence monitor. However, it does not work as a wattmeter either.




Fitness trackers are small, mostly pretty devices that are designed to motivate their wearers to exercise more. While they reliably fulfill their function in sports such as running or swimming, they tend to react poorly to cycling.

In order to obtain meaningful values ​​when cycling, the speed and heart rate must be included in the calculation.

Here you will find a large selection of activity trackers.


Polar M400 sports watch with GPS function and heart rate measurement. ©