What is the NATA test

Kyuta Nata Shrine

The Kyuta Nata Shrine is one of the shrines of the Trials of the Phirone Tower region in Breath of the Wild. It was built in the name of the goddess Hylia by the priest Kyuta-Nata and serves as a test for Link. [1] Once Link has completed the shrine, he will receive a mark of probation as a reward from Kyuta-Nata. The shrine is part of the shrine task "The Thunder Test".

Structure [edit]

The shrine is hidden on the shores of Lake Calora. Link must first bring the shrine to the fore and activate the shrine with the sheikah stone.

The OrniKashiwa can be found on the shores of Lake Calora and can play an old song from the region to Link if requested. The lyrics of the song contain a riddle that gives a clue as to how the shrine can be found. There is an unusual bump nearby. At the top of the elevation, Link should put a metal object in the middle or stand in metal armor and wait for lightning to strike. Then the Kyuta Nata Shrine appears. There is no further test to be passed in the shrine itself, as finding the shrine was the real test. There is still a treasure chest with the insulating pants to be found here.

After reaching Kyuta-Nata, he gives the hero a token of probation as a reward.

References Edit]

  1. ↑“Unexpected time ago, the goddess Hylia revealed herself to me. She gave me the task of creating this shrine of trial. I became the priest who tests pilgrims for their ability to conquer devastation. After eons the real hero finally appeared before me. " - first priest whose exam Link passes (Breath of the Wild)
    Since only the first priest ever makes this statement and each of the four priests on the Forgotten Plateau can be the first - depending on the player's decision - one can assume that the statement is representative of all priests and shrines.