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2 From Prophezeiungen des Islam, Munich 1993, p. The references are not given here, but can be looked up in the cited book.

3 1 At the time of Gog and Magog, during the appearance of the Dajjal, Jesus, the son of Mary, will appear, teach us the hadith. At the same time, they speak of the arrival of the Mahdi. A hadith that Ibn Maja narrates in his hadith collection explains: The Mahdi is none other than the Messiah. "Mahdi" and "Messiah" thus mean two aspects of one and the same person, which the Muslims again to recognize the meaning the unity of Allah and would abolish the superstition that a person can be God at the same time. He would reassert the spiritual values ​​of Islam, which are covered in the smoke of false philosophies and ignorance at this time, and rid the teaching of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) of all incrustations that have formed over the centuries . We read about it: Abu Huraira narrates that the Prophet of Allah (saw) said: “I swear by Allah, in whose hand my life is, that the son of Mary will soon come down to you. He will be a righteous judge and he will break the crosses, he will kill the pig and abolish the jizya (war tax). He will distribute wealth to such an extent that none will divide him 1 In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 1

4 will accept more; and a sajda (prostration) will be better than the world and what it contains. "(bukhari) In a hadith Bukhari, the words" abolish jizya "are replaced by" abolish war ". Let's go step by step and examine what the above-mentioned acts are all about. We have already answered the question of whether the "son of Mary" refers to the same Jesus who lived and taught in Palestine years ago. This interpretation is supported by the fact that in the hadith collections, especially in Bukhari, we find two different descriptions of their external appearance for the historical Jesus (as) and the returning Messiah. Meanwhile we see, also with Bukhari, that the second coming of Jesus (as), which is not physically similar to the vision that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) had of the Messiah of the Jews, is also called Nabi (Prophet), and this even four times . But why does the Prophet use the word "come down" (Arabic: nazul) for the coming of the second Messiah in the hadith quoted above? Again we need to pay attention to the language that the Holy Quran uses. It cannot always be taken literally. So we find in the Qur'an that Allah says that 2

5 He sent down iron (57:26), or that "clothing" (7:27) had been sent down or "animals" (39: 7). Of course, all these things and beings do not actually fall from heaven like a stone, they spring from earth. "Coming down" can only mean that the Promised Messiah (as) would be sent by God and could not appear of his own accord. He would receive no light from men and would not be the disciple of any scholar or saint, but would receive all of his enlightened knowledge and spiritual power with which he heals the spiritual diseases of men from God himself. In the quoted hadith it does not say that the son of Mary will "come down from heaven", but only that he will "come down". The next thing to consider is why God promised Prophet Muhammad (saw) the arrival of the "son of Mary", who is also called "Jesus, son of Mary" or simply "messiah" in other hadiths, and not that of any saint or mujaddid. We have to note that people who appear in dreams, visions or revelations are not necessarily identical with people who are actually living or deceased. Rather, Allah thereby gives a special character trait, a 3rd

6 special quality, a special task of the person concerned. It is often the case that we see, for example in dreams, people or saints or prophets who have long since left this earth. They do not really exist in person in our dreams, because the Holy Qur'an says categorically that there can be no return of a deceased to earth after physical death (23: 101). So such dream faces have a special meaning that can be deciphered when we examine the character of the person concerned. It is the same with the statement that Jesus (as), the son of Mary, has come. The historical Jesus (as) died according to the Holy Qur'an (4: 158 hereafter it says that Jesus did not die on the cross. Verses 5: 117 make it clear that Jesus died.) He cannot return to earth. But someone whose job is like his and who also has to do with a situation that serves to defend the historical Jesus can also be called "son of Mary". The task of the Messiah, whose coming the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) prophesied, was, for example, according to the Hadith, also to "break the crosses". This can only mean the doctrine of the forgiveness of sins through the death on the cross under a curse and that of a Trinity and the Deity 4

7 Jesus, which he himself never taught (Quran 5:18, 73, 117; 9:31. See also Matthew 19:16 and Mark 12:28). Because of this task, the Messiah of Islam was called "Jesus, Son of Mary". That he would be "judge" (Arabic: Hakam) and give just judgments relates to the situation in which Islam would find itself in its day. Torn into dozens of sects that fight each other because of different interpretations of Koran verses or hadith, sometimes bloody, Islam is at this time only a shadow of itself. The Promised Messiah, on the other hand, would receive revelations from God regarding the prevailing differences and the Resolve disputes within Islam. In addition, he would have divine knowledge about the other religions and thus also serve as a guide for the followers of the non-Islamic faith communities. For the Christians he would be the Messiah who brings salvation through the correct interpretation of the scriptures, for the Muslims he would be the Mahdi, i.e. the religious leader. In the Hadith Bukhari he is also called the "imam from the middle" of the Muslims. The "breaking of the cross" or the cross (Arabic: Yaksur-us-Salieba) initially means literally breaking the cross, but that would be pointless. Hundreds of cases 5

8 crosses have indeed been broken in the past, for example during the so-called crusades. The Messiah of the end times would not run around the streets of the West to tear young girls off their necks of gold chains with a cross on them and then break the cross. The various Islamic religious scholars have accordingly interpreted this statement to the effect that Yaksur-us-Salieba means the refutation of the Christian doctrine of faith. Of course, this would not happen through a military conflict, because there should be no coercion in matters of faith (2: 257; 18:30), but through an intellectual confrontation with the beliefs of Christianity that are prevalent today. The jihad or "holy war" of the Islamic Messiah does not consist in acts of violence and uprisings against Christian-political dominance and certainly not in a global war of Islam against the West, which at the time of the atomic bomb was not a victory, but only a worldwide destruction. The "holy war" of the Promised Messiah (as) is a war with the pen, which Allah spoke of in his first revelation to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). Even »killing the pig« does not become a physical 6

9 be an act, because it is nonsensical to assume that the Promised Messiah (as) would gather all the pigs in the world and then kill them. How could he serve Islam in this way when he would only be busy hunting pigs day and night. Also the view that the killing of particularly pompous, immoral people ("pigs") is meant contradicts the principles of Islam, since the death of a person can never lead to all problems that have arisen with him being eliminated. The Holy Qur'an says: Say: "Shall I teach you about those whose wages with Allah are worse than that?" Whom Allah has cursed and whom he is angry with, and of whom he has made monkeys and pigs and who worship the wicked. These are in an even worse position and have gone even further astray. (5:61) But never did Allah literally turn people into pigs, as is allegorically reported in the Odyssey. It is rather the case that people who eat all (mental) dirt and imitate others to the point of ridiculousness adopt a trait that resembles that of a pig or a monkey. People who dig in every filth and whose sexual life is extremely dissolute can be called "pig". The task of the Messiah 7

Accordingly, it would be to show such people their true nature and to reform them. The Promised Messiah (as) would fight against the practice of trivializing sexual misconduct with arguments, which was common at the time of the "hour", and would restore the virtues of chastity and loyalty and pure sexuality. Those who are shameless as a pig would be purified under his guidance and lead godly lives. The task of the Messiah does not consist in senseless slaughter or in bloody wars. At a time when the intellect is increasingly determining the course of events, a rational discussion is the order of the day. Since the prevalence of sexism is also described as a sign of the last few days, it is only understandable that the Promised Messiah (as) meets the demands placed on a religious leader and brings healing to the polluted human soul. Through an exemplary, fulfilling life, he would become, for example, all those who have lost proportion. Yazaul Jizya means the abolition of those taxes that non-Muslims who lived in an Islamic state had to pay because they were not in Islamic law

11 mee served (war tax). Bukhari names Yazaul Harb in their place, meaning the abolition of wars. Certainly the war between belief and disbelief, Islam and Kufr (disbelief), is endless, as there will always be people who do not want to believe in God or who want to force their idea of ​​life (or belief) on others. Early Islam was allowed to defend itself. As a result, when Arabia had become Islamic, the Muslims were harassed by the Persians and the Romans (Christians), who saw the abolition of the slave system or the rights for women introduced by the Holy Qur'an as undermining their social order . At the same time, ideological interests played a major role. Later, around the time of the Crusades, the Muslims found themselves again in the situation that they had to defend their faith. It is not the place here for a foray into Islamic history, and certainly not the place for a defense of all wars that have been waged in the name of Islam. In comparison to the historical cases of armed conflict for the sake of faith, it can no longer be said that Christianity wants to put an end to Islam by force, even if such feelings exist in many politicians

12 events in the recent past may have played a role. The fact is, however, that the West is attacking Islam everywhere with the pen. Books and writings against Islam are being written, the print media and television made all sorts of inaccurate claims, and in the so-called Islamic countries themselves, true Islam is attacked by spreading adventurous and fanatical beliefs and producing ideas about Islam that have little to do with what the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught through the Holy Koran and his example. "Abolition of wars" can therefore only mean that Islam must be defended against those who share it with it today attack their methods and these are not the methods of a physical but those of a psychological war. If we assume that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) was only commissioned to be an example and to warn, and that every person is free to believe or not to believe, as the Holy Qur'an requires (22:40) Then a holy war today can only mean fighting with arguments and evidence against those who, with their misguided interpretations, preach a tyrannical Islam or through their, sometimes even conscious, 10

13 Misinformation of an ideology of debauchery. Thus the "abolition of war" means that the Messiah will not physically fight the unbelievers. His wisdom and thus his utterances and writings will have the edge of sword and spear. His language will be blessed and he will make such arguments that will refute all doubts and attacks against Islam. The "abolition of the war tax" can be interpreted to mean that there will no longer be any unbelievers in the Islamic state structures that have come about through the teachings of the Messiah, since everyone will be attracted to the truth of Islam. Of course, this will not happen in a few years. But the beginning of this process will be made through the appearance of the Promised Messiah (as). In addition, "lifting wars" does not mean that there will be no war at all at the time of the Promised Messiah. Jihad, that is, the defense of freedom of belief through "holy war" if necessary, is possible under certain circumstances. It is important that we note that the descent of the Son of Mary is not a punctual event that lasts only a short time (as those think it is the time indications of the hadith, which it 11

14 gives in this regard, take literally); rather, its appearance marks the beginning of a long phase of change. The "distribution of wealth" by the Promised Messiah (as) does not mean that he will give away material riches. His wealth is out of this world. The people at the time of the "hour" no longer give themselves up to the illusion that they can satisfy their greed for more by accumulating gold, if they have only a spark of understanding. Instead, it dawns on many that they need spiritual riches. They will search everywhere and eventually they will become aware of the riches that Islam has to offer. The fact that people do not accept the wealth as described in the hadith points to two phases: The first is the one in which only a few will believe in the Promised Messiah (as). Later, when his insights have prevailed, people will find that he had so much to say that they cannot believe it. In another hadith we read: Abu Said al-khudri reported that he had heard the Messenger of Allah say: “The Mahdi will be of my tribe and will have a broad forehead and a protruding nose. He will fill the earth with righteousness as it did before from oppression

15 and tyranny had been fulfilled, and he will reign for seven years. "(Abu Dawud) And: Abu Said al-khudri (ra) reported that the Holy Prophet (saw) had said (in the course of his report on the Mahdi) that a man would come to him (the Mahdi) saying, "give me, give me," and he would fill his robe with as much as he was able to carry. (Tirmidhi) To be of the tribe of the Prophet is a description of the pre-eminent spiritual qualities that the Mahdi and Messiah would possess; the "broad forehead" indicates that his excellent mind would attract attention; his special nose denotes his tremendous acumen and his ability to smell the right path in each case; his fairness, which would eventually be accepted around the world, marks his impartiality; that he would reign for "seven years" does not mean the exact period of human calculation (elsewhere in the hadith it is said that he will stay "for 40 days" (Mishkat al-masabih), but it corresponds to the Arabic tradition, to indicate any blessed period of time with the number 7. However, it is also mentioned here that people the 13th

16 Ask the Mahdi for (spiritual) "riches" and receive as much as they can "carry". After this basic interpretation of the most famous hadith about the appearance of the Messiah, we want to cite a few more traditions.But first it should be said that in many of these visions based utterances of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) alludes to events that refuse to provide a simple explanation. Above all, the statements about the battles that the Messiah and his companions will wage require special insight; As stated, they are not to be taken literally, but we owe them some information about the circumstances in the last few days, for example that there will be a special dispute between the Muslims and the Jews (Bukhari). This could be interpreted to mean that there is an exceptional situation in Palestine in our day or that wars between Jews and Arabs had taken place several times in the previous decades. But seen in the light of the other hadith, this interpretation appears superficial and cruel. Rather, I think that there is an intellectual struggle between the scientists and artists who are Jewish Ab 14

17 are of ancestry, and will come to those who are Islamic. Much of the Nobel Prize, for example, went to Jewish scientists, as we saw when we study the annals of the past 90 years. So far there has only been one staunch Muslim who has received a Nobel Prize, Professor Dr. Abdus Salam, who received the Nobel Prize in 1979 for his theory that the four primordial elements, previously believed to be fixed, can be reduced to three, and can even be traced back to a single element. Professor Abdus Salam is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, which was founded by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) in 1889 after Allah had informed him that the Second Coming of Jesus and the appearance of the Mahdi had been fulfilled in his form. In the hadith mentioned above, for example, it says that the Jews will hide behind stones and trees, but that stone and tree would shout: “O Muslim, O servant of God, behind me a Jew is hiding; come and kill him. ”Stones and trees cannot speak. This hadith, which cites these occurrences as a sign before the arrival of the Last Judgment, can only be understood to mean that the Muslims are once again guided to those scientific heights by accepting divine guidance

18 those who once distinguished them and had consolidated their fame in the heyday of Islam. Her research would surpass those who are not enlightened by heavenly guidance, who instead "hide" behind thought structures (stone) and artistic achievements (tree). Other hadiths mention fights with people who have wide faces and small eyes who would be descendants of the "qantura" (Abu Dawud), whereby it can be stated that this means Chinese; or fights with the people, "whose sandals are made of hair", which could mean the British, or the "Turks" who would have "small eyes, red faces, short noses." All of this does not necessarily mean an actual armed conflict between the Muslims of the end times and these people described in this way, but it is probably a statement that people with the characteristics mentioned would excel in their rejection of Islam and that on the part of the Mahdi and his Successors particular attention would be directed to them. Ibn al-jauzi narrates the following report in his "kitab al-wähl": Abdullah bin Amr (ra) announced that 16

19 the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: »Jesus, the son of Mary, will come down to earth, he will marry and have children and stay for 45 years, after which he will die and be buried with me in my grave. Then Jesus, the son of Mary, and I will rise from a tomb between Abu Bakr and Umar (two companions of the Prophet, the later first and second caliphs). that someone should be buried with him; this does not correspond to the practice of the prophets. It can only mean that the "death of the ego" of the Messiah will "unite" him with the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in such a way that he truly becomes a "shadow" of the Holy Prophet (saw). After his spiritual "marriage" and the birth of "children" in the form of Islamic scriptures that contain the truthful interpretation of the Holy Qur'an, he would live a certain period of time until he achieved the spiritual union with the Prophet in his "grave", his spiritual inheritance that would happen. Another hadith says: At this time (the approaching "hour") Allah will send down the Son of Mary. He will descend on a white minaret east of Damascus. It comes in two (saffron) yellow cloths 17

20 be dressed and lean on the shoulders of two angels. (Another version says that he would not be able to step down from the minaret to the earth until people put a ladder up for him.) When he bows his head, drops of water will fall, and when he does will lift his head, pearls will fall from him. The unbelievers will die as far as his breath goes. The Messiah will hunt the Dajjal until he catches him in a place called Lud, and there he will kill him. Then a people will come to him whom Allah has spared the influence of the Dajjal, and he will wipe the dust off their faces and tell them their rank in heaven. During this time, Allah will send a revelation to the Messiah and tell him that there is a people so strong that no one has the power to challenge them. Allah will then tell the Messiah to lead this people to Mount Tur. (Muslim, Kitabul Fitn) This hadith is full of symbols and also impossible to take literally. Whoever thinks that the son of Mary is leaning on two angels and clad in yellow robes has come here on an actual building (minaret), but is then unable to touch the ground, that he is actually 18

21 would have a breath that killed the unbelievers, while the believers were unaffected by it. Anyone who accepts the Messiah's hunt for the Dajjal as a realistic event misunderstands the metaphor-rich language of God; his interpretation of the descriptions contained in the Koran, for example of hell and paradise, would be overly childish and superstitious. We must therefore consider how this hadith is to be understood. First of all, it is said that the Messiah will "descend on a white minaret east of Damascus". We have already stated that "descending" does not mean actually floating down from heaven. "Minaret", on the other hand, is a symbol of a place from which something is widely proclaimed. It therefore denotes a certain power of the statement that will reach far and wide. "White" is something that shines, that shines; it stands for "enlightenment" here. The "white minaret" thus describes that the Messiah will make enlightening statements. He is supported by beings who are angelic in their obedience to him. Yellow is the color for illness in the dream symbolism. The fact that the Messiah is dressed in two yellow robes means that he will suffer from corresponding difficulties because of his tireless work for Islam. 19th

22 "Damascus" is the place where the tyrant Yazeed worked. The people of Damascus followed filthy habits, their characters were dubious, they were slaves of their base desires. They had no faith in the hereafter and were without love for Allah and His Messenger. Their belief in the existence of God was very weak. Since the doctor has to come to his patient, the Messiah too, figuratively speaking, has to be born in a world that suffers from the diseases mentioned above. Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), who claimed to be the Mahdi and Messiah, explains that the seed of the doctrine of the Trinity was planted in Damascus, which is why the descent of the Messiah on a white minaret east of Damascus means that he would find his main task in refuting the notion of "three in one" condemned by the Koran. In fact, the place where Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) lived during his life is east of Damascus. It can also be seen that “coming to a place” does not necessarily have to mean personal appearance, but can also be understood to mean that the message of the person concerned reaches that place. 20th

23 The poisonous "breath" by which the unbelievers will die is to be understood as meaning that those who do not believe in him are overwhelmed by the arguments of the Messiah; be it that the power of the statements convinces them and they accept him, be it that in the light of his "breath" their line of argument becomes void and they thus "die". That "a ladder" must be placed on the minaret on the part of people so that the Messiah can be able to touch the ground means that people must make an effort to understand him by seeking him out and him and his Listen to followers and get their interpretations of divine wisdom explained. You must support him by making his job yours. Only then will the Dajjal, the principle of selfishness and materialism, disappear from their hearts. They will gain this victory over their Dajjal by attacking their minds against his teaching, just as the Promised Messiah (as) used his mind, whereupon "drops of water" will fall, that is, sweat; while when his writings arise, as his head is raised to the sky, they will shine and shine like pearls. 21

24 "The pearls" that will fall from his head when he lifts his head and the "water" that falls from his head when he bends are also vivid descriptions of the state during prayer. The highest form of humble submission to the will of Allah in Islam is "prostration", the sajda, a posture in which the forehead touches the ground while the nose, hands, knees and toes "lie" on the ground. In this state of deepest worship, Allah will grant the Messiah revelation ("water" is a term for revelation as it is used in the Qur'an 11: 8) so that the secrets revealed by God to him fall from his head, i.e. handed over to mankind become. The pearls that will fall from him when his head rises indicate the preacher's condition. His explanations will fall from him like pearls as he proclaims his messages about the way of Allah in the mosque or other places. Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) interprets the place »Lud« to mean that it is a place near Palestine, in Syria, as explained in more detail in the Hadith. People who unnecessarily cause disturbance and revolt without having a valid reason are "invited" 22

25 called. At the height of the spiritual controversy, the writings of the opponents of Islam will lose all measure, then the Promised Messiah (as) will "kill" their wrongful interpretations by virtue of his arguments and thanks to the heavenly evidence that he will bring, so that this Dajjal will die becomes. With his "death" mankind will come into a state that realizes the unity of God in all its aspects. People will take care of gaining their identity as they are a reflection of divine oneness. The aping of others will stop. All practices aimed at making man a mere instrument, a machine, an automatism will perish. After this event, when people gather around the Promised Messiah (as) because they recognize the divine truth of Islam, there will be a multitude of people who will follow him, whom he will cleanse, to whom he will "remove the dust from their faces" will wipe by pointing them to the ways of approaching God and by virtue of his example enabling them to understand and realize the original goal of being human, to communicate with God. Then Allah will reveal to him that there is a people with whom no one can compete, whereupon he 23

26 should lead to Mount Tur, it says further in the hadith quoted at the beginning. These people are the western nations, whose material wealth and war power are so monstrous that there is no point in fighting them warily. The Messiah would consequently not allow himself to be drawn into armed conflicts with them. Instead, he would take his nation to Mount Tur, the mountain on which the Torah was revealed to Moses. The mountain »Tur« stands for heavenly signs, miracles and perfect evidence. The point is not that the Promised Messiah (as) literally leads his followers to the geographical Mount Tur, but that the manifestation of God that Moses experienced there is reflected in the miracles of the answers to prayer. The Messiah will be a realization of all those virtues that distinguished the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). In another hadith it is said: Abdullah bin Masud (ra) reported that the Holy Prophet (saw) had said: “The world will not pass away until the Arabs are ruled by a man from my family whose name is the same as who will be mine. «(Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud) And in another hadith it is reported: Umm Salama (ra) related that she heard the Messenger Al- 24

27 lahs (saw) said: "The Mahdi will come from my family, from the descendants of Fatima." (Abu Dawud) Even if, strangely enough, the Promised Messiah (as) to whom the interpretation of all the previous hadith applies, a name similar to that of the Prophet Allah (saw) and was able to trace his genealogy back to Fatima, these statements are not necessarily to be understood in such a way that mere identity of names is a proof. False and deceitful usurpers of a prophetic office have justified their claim simply by saying that their name was "muhammad (saw)". In addition to all correspondences of an external nature, it must be clear that this hadith refers to the fact that Jesus (as), the son of Mary, who will appear in the end times, will have the same characteristics as the Prophet of Allah (saw) who brought the Holy Quran were their own. He would be a manifestation of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), a "shadow prophet". 25th




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