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Bounce Hip Hop - The unbeatable superhero team of Hip Hop: Ali & LCone & SAD

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The Swiss rapeseed scene has never been as DOPE as it is at the moment. We owe this to all those youngsters who started rapping 5 to 8 years ago and are now savvy, testosterone-charged monsters bouncing to the surface like neck-slaps.

Author: Pablo Vögtli & Mauro Wolf

Anyone who gets into Ali, Link opens in a new window, LCone, Link opens in a new window & SAD, is your own fault. Awaiting you: a disturbingly broken yet honest journey through word-painted landscapes of thought.

Also included: feelings of gratitude for their own mother, cocky crew attitude as bombastic as Godzilla, slightly anti-social macho behavior and a little Weltschmerz.

The craziest announcements from LCone from Lucerne and Ali from Chur are packed with atmospheric beats from the experienced Bernese producer SAD.

Ali & LCone & SAD ft. GREIS - "Quantum entangled"

Together, the three of them are the unbeatable hip hop superhero team that Switzerland has been waiting for. The first joint album «Inoue» is easy to follow: No too profound detours, no overly demanding musical obstacles, just a great first work.

The Method Man from the Oberland

Also Bobby Brookz, Link opens in a new window pops out his debut album these days. The Zürcher Oberlander, who should be known as the gifted beatmaker and backup rapper of Freezy, has already been dubbed "Methodman from the Oberland" by us. His debut album “Asura” is banging. An album full of anger, katana blows and attitude.

Bobby Brookz - intro


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